Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I decided to start by showing some projects I've finsihed recently and one of them was pincusions. I'd just finished making a quilt for my friends daughter ( photo's will follow) and wanted a small inbetween project.

This first set was a gift for my mum's birthday.

The second set I've promised to give to my brothers girlfriend.

Wich means I've got to make more for myself!

ok gotta dash, but I'll be back soon I really want to give this blogging a go :-)



  1. I gave my brothers girlfriend her pincushions today and she loved them. I'm so pleased :-)
    I'm gonna look for a pattern to make her a wrist pincushion, she said she could really use one for school. Anyone got any ideas?


  2. Your pincushions are lovely! Thank you for visiting my blog and supporting my mad need to rescue that old sewing machine! Lucy x

  3. What fun pincushions! Thanks for visiting my blog, its so fun to get to know new bloggers!


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