Sunday, 18 July 2010

Going back and forth { a long post}

While machine quilting my Whimsy quilt I've got lots of time to think. So I thought I'd share some of these thoughts with you. This quilt has a lot of firsts for me, first time using precuts, first time I'm machine quilting { if you don't count my very first attempts at quilting when I was machine quilting with my regular pressure foot! I know!} first time using machine applique, first time a quilt has come together this quick. Well I just had lots to ponder on.

On using the precuts, I love that by eliminating the bulk of the cutting a quilt top can come together quite quickly. I'm pleased that I decided on a design where I used up all of my Layer Cake and Charm squares. I just knew that if I didn't I would end up with the bits of fabric I liked least in this line and they would be destined to remain stash for a long time.
It's easy to use precuts, but that's also the part that I'm not liking so much. There's a thrill in taking a fabric that you absolutely love and going out to find just the right fabrics to match it. Using precuts you know in advance that all the fabrics will go together. But I like the anticipation of cutting up fabrics I pulled together myself and keeping all my fingers crossed to see if they look as good all grouped together as I thought they would in my head. {I don't have one of those fancy computer designing programs, so apart from some sketches it's all in my head}
Trying to work out the placement of those two or three fabrics that on the whole help the quilt look good, but next to each other just look all wrong.
I do think I will use precuts again, I know I will because I still have a Layer Cake of Aviary and also because my local quilt shop doesn't have as many gorgeous fabrics any more as they used to some years back. Ordering online precuts, or fabrics from the same line/designer takes the risk out of ending up with a bunch a fabric you can't use. But I think I'll mix it up a bit more next time.

Since I'm not as brilliant at free motion quilting as I'd hoped, I went for straight line machine quilting. I chose to not mark my horizontal lines but rather use the edges of my walking foot as a guide. I knew that doing this my lines would end up being a bit {or a lot} wonky, wich in my mind would bring a bit more life to my quilt. And I think it's sorta kinda working. I'm not completely sure that I chose well in quilting just horizontal lines all over the quilt, but I do think I love them being wonky. I was right in thinking it would be terribly boring if the quilting lines were to be straight as well. I'm just not so sure that these wonky lines ensured a non-boring quilt. I've done about a third of the quilting and I am noticing that my blocks are starting to look a bit warped. Not sure whether that is because of not basting my quilt properly or just not quilting it properly or both!

One thing's for sure this is going to be my quickest quilt ever. I haven't even had my usual thoughts on what my next project might be, it's going that quickly. Wich is perfectly all right since I'll still be hand quilting my orchids quilt for quite some time. Oh lovely quiet hand quilting where I can watch some telly, listen to my music and let my thoughts run freely on what my next project should be.

I am so pleased you've made it to the end of my post, thanks for reading!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. It seems to be going very well and I would say must persevere. Do try free motion next time. I did and once I had bitten the bullet I was glad I did. If you stipple it is very forgiving and you will never see and 'mistakes' - stitchlength variation, odd shapes - at all when you are finished and it is washed and nicely puffed up!


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