Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I'll have my cake & watch it {..for now }

I've got these lovely new layercakes.
Mr. Man said I could have my layer cakes and eat them!

I really want to start sewing up a new quilt top straight away. But I can't since I was run over by a rotary cutter yesterday and my thumb will be in bandages for at least two more days.

So I'm laying out Whimsy on the floor, arranging and rearranging colour combinations, and just stare at them for a while!
I've got a layer cake plus a charmpack of Whimsy and I've arranged them on the floor with a charm square on top of the layercake square. I'm loving the look of these 'boxed in' squares and if I cut up my layercake to border the charm squares I should have enough strips left to make scrappy binding for the finished quilt. Perhaps even some for a pieced backing too. So I might go for that.
But I also like the idea of turning the charms into an applique on top of the larger squares, I'm thinking circles, and I'm loving that idea too!

But since I've got at least two more days to think on what to do with them I'm open to suggestions ~ what would you make with them?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Layer cakes look great Hope your thumb gets better soon it must be sore OUCH.
    Hugs Mary.


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