Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Top Sewing

For some reason I never quite got the hang of sewing clothes. My mum taught me how to sew from when I was a little girl, and some 9 years back she gave me and my brothers girlfriend actual sewing lessons. I learned the basics but I didn't enjoy sewing clothes as much as I enjoyed sewing patchwork. Quite frankly it stressed me out so much I gave it up all together. But after seeing this top Florence of Flossie Teacakes made I had to give it another try! It's actually Rae's Spring Ruffle Top
wich I decided to make without the ruffles as well.

I'm quite pleased with how this top turned out, not so much with these photo's though!
It was very nice to discover that I've learned so much about my sewing machine over the years that making this top wasn't at all as stressful as I expected it to be. I just love the Liberty fabric I used on this top! {sorry you can't see it very well!}

Since I felt it went rather well and I had bought lots of this lovely sheer cotton { it was only €3 a metre, who could resist!} I made another one in all white but still with different textured white for the top.

I made this one a little shorter and without the pockets. Wich you can't see because I havent mastered the art of taking pictures of myself yet!

I also took advantage of the weather cooling down a little to finally baste 'somewhere where the orchids grow'. I do it the old fashioned way on the floor with basting stitches and I just couldn't get myself to do it in that heat we've been having lately.
Now that I've basted the quilt I'm free to start on a new quilt using my Whimsy Layer cake. I make up these silly rules just to prevent myself from starting lots of different projects without finishing them!
Being extra strict with myself I made me tidy up my work space first {it's the kitchen table but work space sounds much better!}

There, that's better!
Time to create something new now :-)

Enjoy your day!


  1. ooooh what are you going to do with your Whimsy Layer Cake? I LOVE whimsy and have two layer cakes at the moment which are going to make a union jack quilt when my bee month comes along and I can persuade the rest of my bee members to make that fiddly block!

  2. I actually got the Whimsy because I saw your union jack blocks and loved both the block and the fabric! But I'll not be a total copy cat so I'm not going to make union jack blocks with this fabric. Honestly I havent decided what to do yet but I'm leaning towards something simple or I should say something that looks simple. I've got a layer cake and a charm pack wich I've spread out on the floor now with a charm on top of the layer cake square and already it looks so good that I'm tempted to go for that. But I also love the fabrics with the big dots, so that made me think to do circles with the charm squares and so it repeats or emphasises the circles of the fabric. I just have to decide wich way to go, and I'm not so great at making decisions!


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