Monday, 30 August 2010

about rain, a bird & some hexies

Autumn has started while summer never really came.
I feel like we've had nothing but rain ever since summer break started {that's not exactly true, but close!}

I've really missed  the long summer's days and lazy summer nights I was so looking forward to. We've only went swimming once!

Still I don't mind staying in so much, it gives me more time to sew.  My little man however is seriously bouncing off the walls these days.

I think we're almost ready for school to start again!

x Leila


  1. What a gorgeous cushion! We've had rubbish weather too :o( Lucy xxx

  2. Oh hello, my dear..I did not how to comment back to you sew I just followed you here...your blog is lovely. That pillow is scrumptious and the chair too...yes you go out there and bat those Loved your comment..
    blessings madame samm


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