Monday, 20 September 2010

Please help me out here!!

Thank you all for the great advice! 
I'm going to fix the strips I've cut and I feel confident now I can make this work. 
I'll keep you posted!

Remember these?

So I finally got my design in order and I happily started squaring up and cutting strips from my fabrics. Usually I cut strips from the lenghtwise grain/ warp, but since the pattern here runs over the crosswise grain/weft, and I wanted all the sofa's visible I cut from the cross wise grain. 
I made a huge dent in my cutting only then to realise all the strips looked like they were off! Disaster! Had I cut them all wrong? So I checked, I ripped, I frayed and in the end I decided I needed the ultimate test, pulling threads out of my strips. 

Please have a look at this.

Cutting these fabrics has sent me into a mini crisis, doubting all my sewing skills! Lucky mum came over, she is a professional seamstress , and her opinion was that the fabrics were printed slightly off and to cut along the pattern rather than the grain. What do you think?

Thanks for your help!

x Leila


  1. i feel your frustration.

    i've have learned through the years that when it comes to cutting a fabric that has a definite straight line to the print, i starch the helloutta of it and cut it using the print. i had a stripe that i used as a border. i squared up to only realize (quickly, thank goodness) that it wasn't printed on the straight of grain. i spent the next couple of minutes rearranging the folds to make it straight to the print, i was happier with the sewn results rather than cutting to the grain of the fabric.

    it isn't the shops fault, just a manufacturing 'nature of the beast'

    the only exception to this 'rule' is homespuns..

  2. I agree with your Mum!
    Whenever I have to "fussy cut" a project I also find the cutting much cleaner/easier if you first spray & press the fabric with starch or sizing. That will prevent the pieces from distorting when you cut them!

    Wishing you great success upon the completion of your project!

  3. I came to commiserate and tell you I have no idea! lol! but the above makes such sense! Thanks ladies, I learnt something too!

  4. Le sigh! I can't tell you how many times I've come across this when working on my own projects. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so it annoys me beyond belief. I can't really fault anyone though -- even the fabric manufacturer.

    It's definitely the "nature of the beast" like Shannon said. If a design is off even by the smallest of millimeters at the beginning of the run, all that compounds through the whole roll being printed. And when you get to the end, it can be WAY off.

    So, fussy cut away! Can't wait to see what you end up with. (Love that fabric!)


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