Thursday, 7 October 2010

Work in progress Wednesday ~ quilting

Well it's not wednesday but work in progress thursday just doesn't sound as good!

I've been overwhelmed with all the positive responses I got on this quilt top. Even Laurie Wisbrun herself commented on flickr!!! {I nearly fell off my chair believe me!}

The pressure is really on to get this quilted!
It took me a while to come up with a plan how to quilt this, but I've sorta kinda figured it out now. I often make some changes along the way. But usually once I make a good start the rest follows automatically.

For the grey areas I decided I wanted to repeat a pattern of the fabric in the quilting. These connected oval dots are on the green and red fabrics. I've quilted them with white DMC threads my mum got me in France. It was almost a shame to open them, the box was still sealed in it's original paper!
But I needed them to quilt!

I've used black silk to quilt on the lines of the birdcages, small stitches, and I like how they show up on the back now as well.

Still have a lot to quilt before it's finished! I do enjoy handquilting, it's very soothing to me :-)

What are you making?

x Leila

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  1. It looks great Leila! Now just a couple of questions!!

    Is that just an ordinary hoop? what size is it? Do you always hand quilt or do you machine quilt as well??

    I'm only asking as I will be finishing up my 1st quilt top soon and am as yet undecided how to quilt it!!


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