Friday, 5 November 2010

Swapping {Hoops} part two

I've made another hoop for my partner in the Scrappy {Hoops} swap over on Flickr.
Something quite different just to see how she would react!
I've used woolfelt on a  linen background. I wanted a more natural look but still colourful. Thinking about things we most definately had in common but not neccesarily sewing related, I came up with 'breathe' Because we all do! ;-)

Although I'm pleased with both hoops I've made I'm finding it pretty difficult to translate my partners likes into a design.
Perhaps I'm just overthinking this a bit too much!
I'd better make my mind up I would like to get this posted monday.

All grey and raining here today. Perfect day for some sewing :-) 
What are you making/ swapping?

x Leila


  1. I like the colourful felt on linen. You have a good feel for putting materials together! I am still doing october's beeblock.. I might be a while...

  2. Wow Leila that looks gorgeous. I'm making bee blocks at the moment which is always a lot of fun - and in the evenings, I'm sitting in front of the fire sewing the binding on my sister's penguin books quilt which is very nearly ready to post to France!

  3. Oh and yuo've got me thinking about songs and quilts and there's a great song on the new Elton John Leon Russell CD with a line in it: "you came to town and had lunch in 800 dollar shoes" - there's not a quilt in there for me but I love the line!


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