Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Work in progress Wednesday ~ Boy Quilt

With every quilt I make my boy walks in to run his little fingers over the fabric, feeling if it's going to be soft enough for him. "Is this one for me mummy?' If you want it to be this one could be for you, he runs a critical eye over all the fabrics used, spots some flowers  and says no flowers are for girls mum. {duh!}

When I was busy making the birds & empty cages quilt I hoped maybe that one would find my little man's approval, no flowers no pink he should love this. But no, he looked, and altough he liked it  those birds were supposed to be in their cages not on top of them because their owners would get really sad if their pets just flew off!

So naturally I wanted to make a quilt especially for him, it had to be soft with lots of blue {what else!} and not a hint of flowers or pink in sight.
It was actually Mr. M that picked out the Urban Circus for me, I was browsing through Kona Solids over at Simply Solids Mr. M waiting with  creditcard in hand {I imagine tapping his fingers as well }when he spotted some fun elephants. So he put a FQ bundle in with my order of Kona snow. I had already raided my LQS for all the blue and green solids they had and I was so pleased to find they matched the Urban Circus fabrics wonderfully!

Each block in this quilt is different, some are similar with different fabrics, some are unique. It took me a bit longer than it would normally take to finish this quilt top but I think it's totally worth it.
To make this quilt extra soft I'm thinking about backing it either with flannel or voile.
I'm thinking voile would be the softest of the two, I've got some bits of Liberty cotton lawn and I've heard voile is quite similar in feel to that. Having not much experience with either I could really use your opinions, wich backing fabric will make this quilt the softest?

x Leila


  1. Love that quilt! Great combination of colours and fabrics. That Urban Circus goes really well! Has quality control said yet it meets his exacting standards??

  2. Beautiful- love the variety and all the squares. Anna Maria Horner Voile is softer and silkier than Liberty- it is almost buttery! Maybe it depends how warm you want it! I know my daughter wold pick flannel- more snuggly- and I would pick voile- silkier x


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