Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dear Partner...

Hey partner!

I hope you're enjoying stalking me :D. I also hope you can find some inspiration in my Gallery  and Mosaic.

DQS10 Progress
another beautiful DQS10 button made by Amy

If you are anything like me you may feel a little daunted by the task of trying to figure out my likes and dislikes. Now I could make a long list of all the things I do and don't like {yes this did cross my mind he he} but that may very well be the most boring thing you'd ever read! Also  I don't want to constrict your creativity in any way.
I'd like you to have fun with this and be creative, fabrics, design and all that are not as important. I'd love for you to follow through on the idea that gave you that little rush of excitement, and not abandon it because you've read me saying I don't like orange somewhere! It truly doesn't matter so much what I like or not, it matters that you are willing to put in your time and effort to make me something, that matters A LOT! Thank you!

x Leila



  1. Oh Leila, I'm still laughing about the orange comment you made a while back about you and orange not getting along.

  2. orange hmmm :-) Lol... Nice letter Leila. I am sure your partner will appreciate it.

  3. Hi Leila- a bloggy award for you! Hidden in the post, scroll down!, I saw your recent win by the way- wow!


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