Friday, 28 January 2011

Fab Friday {double latte with whipped cream stash post}

First things first, I won Kaelin's give away from the plaid scottie fame and I couldn't be happier:-D If you have not had a chance to visit her blog I think you really should, she's making a wonderful Rain or Shine Quilt, super cute hexies for her bee, mouth watering pictures of her stash an much much more!
So what did I win, you ask? Meldoy Miller's Ruby Star Rising!!! Woop!!! {can you tell I am excited? lol}

Ruby Star Rising

I've also had some more fabrics from my fabric therapy shopping coming in this week. Some lovely Kokka linens I have had my eyes on for a while from Celtic Fusion


 I have spent every free minute glued to the couch, english paperpiecing and watching the Gilmore Girls on dvd! I feel a bit silly admitting to it, but there you have it, it's what I've done and I enjoyed it thoroughly :-) .


I was too lazy to take some progress shots even, but I will do soon - promise! It's coming along nicely and I think I have made the right decision in making a 'slow' quilt with my Anna Maria Horner fabrics. It will take me forever to finish!
Have any of you made a full sized handpieced quilt before? How long did it take you?

x Leila


  1. I spent my holiday time off watching a "Bones" marathon on Netflix and sewing/embroidering a quilt top! It's a lovely way to get things done.
    Where, oh where, did you get the fabric with the ViewMaster reels??? I must have some!

  2. Wow. A quilting and Gilmore Girls marathon. Sounds great to me. I'm convinced that watching the Gilmore Girls every morning over a bowl of porridge helped to save my sanity whilst I wrote my Masters dissertation.

    Also congratulations on winning Kaelin's give away :) I look forward to seeing what you make with it.


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