Thursday, 6 January 2011

I know ~ I know, the holidays are over, everyone is back to work/school busy, busy. But I just can't seem to drag my lazy bum out there and actually get something done these days!
Must be the lack of sunlight, I feel like I'm in deep hibernation and I won't get up untill it's spring again.
Nothing like some purdy fabrics to cheer me up though :-)

Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner
My lovely stack of Innocent Crush, christmas present from Mr. M. Not exactly sure what I'll make with them yet. It's going to be a quilt for me, queenish size, big chunks of fabric, something simple with big blocks ,squares and rectangles....or I might change my mind completely! I really want to start cutting, but I don't want to change my mind half way {does that only happen to me?!} because I started to soon!
So while I'm pondering my design I'll listen to this...

Mumford & Sons posing on top of lush fabrics
dreaming of all the chocolate and fudge I ate over christmas {I'm still stuffed!} and the good times I had with some of my dearest people. Where I helped my best friends 10 year old daughter with her very first sewing project; a pillow for her grandmother ~ sweet!!

First sewing project
How are you coping with winter?

x Leila


  1. I know what you mean. I have been dragging around here all week. It happens every January if I remember correctly. During all of December I dream of all things I'm going to do when the Christmas hoopla is over and then when it comes the blahs come right along with it. About cutting into the fabric to soon and all that, it happens to me all the time.

  2. Winter... grey and rainy and horrible at the moment... Holed up by the fire and did an enormous amount of studying,which feels good and the bit I did is out of the way but no sewing! Maybe tomorrow... Like your innocent crush! Just take it easy and with Spring arriving you'll get into the groove again!

  3. Lucky duck to have a husband who buys you fabric for Christmas! Although I did get AMH's new book from him this year so I can't complain!

  4. Oooh Innocent Crush will be my next treat! Can't wait, love the Mumford & Sons CD too!

  5. I just bought some pretty fabric too! I really think that sewing in bright colors will make Spring come faster! (well, maybe not, but it does keep you busy!)


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