Saturday, 22 January 2011

Not for those on a diet... {Stash}

This year is not treating me as kindly as I had hoped it would. I am not going to go into detail and tell you all about it my friends, but lets just say I am not doing so well. That is ok though really, it is life it comes with ups and downs, Ce sera sera and all that good stuff! So I decided to blog when I feel like it and not if I don't {makes sense doesn't it lol}
Anyway at least the downs give me a good excuse to do some retail therapy ;-) For all of you on the fabric diet please look away now!

First off some of the lovely Anna Maria Horner Little Folks voiles. I'm thinking about making a quilt for my bed out of AMH fabrics, especially after seeing this. I don't think I will go for the same pattern but these fabrics just look so warm and inviting don't you think?  I am still torn on what pattern to choose for this, I'd love to make just a simple square patchwork and let all these lovely fabrics speak for themselves. But I am also really in the mood for a 'slow quilt' you know one that will take me forever to finish like english paperpieced hexagons or diamonds or something...Indecisive, for now I'll remain stroking these lovely soft voiles and probably buy a couple more just in case!

I also got these assorted Fat Quarters of different designers, not necessarily to go together like this although they do look good!

As for sewing, I am busy working on a project that I am not sure I can blog about, it is something completely out of the ordinary for me, using a lot of different types of materials together. Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it will all come together in the end! {how was that for being cryptic!}

I'll be back soonish!

x Leila


  1. Hope you're OK my lovely! No way am I on a fabric diet so keep the eye-candy coming!!!

  2. I swear I am on an unintended fabric binge. Life is not always as white and pretty as blog world, more grey and difficult just when you don't need it to be. Hope making is a good distraction for you, AMH voile is comfortingly buttery soft x

  3. I'm on the fabric diet but, as with food, there's nothing wrong with stroking the pictures in a recipe book is there? Keep em coming!

    Those voiles are delicious ... there's nothing like a bit of hand piecing to calm the soul ...
    Hope your year becomes ever kinder Leila ... If there's ever anything we can do to help, just let us know ...

    ... can't wait to see the enigmatic project :)

  4. Beautiful fabrics. Hope your year gets better and that fabric keeps making you smile!


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