Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Some sewing and a Liebster Award

I've been busy stalking my partner in the DQS10 trying to figure out who she is and what she would like. I have a little idea and I'm hoping it will grow into a more finalized idea as to what to make for her.

FMB2 January Blocks

Meanwhile I've also finsihed my Fresh Modern Bee 2 blocks for this month. It was Krista's month {lolablueocean}She asked for circles and sent us all lovely linen and scraps from her stash. I got red, wich I love, and made these two blocks.
I started off wanting to piece a rather small circle, wich turned out to be quite a disaster. So after my failed attempt at that I went for raw edge applique instead. nice and safe! I will have to revisit Kerry's wonderful tutorial on how to piece circles soon to give it another go {you know after my bruised ego has healed and all that!}

FMB2 January Blocks

Speaking of Kerry, she nominated me for the Liebster Award - sweet!!  It's an award for little blogs with 300 or less followers. The idea is in order to accept the award you need to spread the love and award three other blogs in turn
I'm of course more than willing to spread the bloggy love! I've picked three blogs from very talented ladies that are more recent discoveries of mine.

Brooke from April Two Eighty who takes the most beautiful photographs and we are all  trying to copy here style! {or at least I am} She has a stash that makes me green with envy and she puts it to good use too, making beautiful and contemporary quilty goodness.

Jolene from Blue Elephant Stitches she's been keeping us up to date on her works in progress, with lovely pictures of beautiful fabrics and quilts to be! I love reading about her process and what she's discovering about herself.

Sarah from Pings and Needles Not only does Sarah have a great fabric collection, she is an active swapper over on Flickr {that's how we 'met'} and she has a great sense of humour! You're garanteed a chuckle or two reading her blog :-)

It wasn't easy to pick three blogs I can tell you! There are so many wonderful people I've got to know in this short period of time spent in blogtopia. Truthfully you all deserve an award {if we keep passing it on you might all end up getting one anyway he he!}

Be sure to check out Kerry's blog first, she's got some really helpful tutorials, and beautiful fabrics and quilty projects to share with you all :-)

X Leila


  1. Wow Leila! Squeakity Squeak! Thank you so much ... I'm genuinely deeply touched that you would pick me! ... I'll pass on the bloggy love later today ... Ich Liebe Liebster!

  2. Lovely choices to pass on to!


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