Wednesday, 9 February 2011

{Doll Quilt Swap} Progress

Finally I made a start on my partners doll quilt. It took me a while to integrate my partners likes with my own. Determined as I was not to do another black bird I made a few starts on other ideas but ended up not liking them at all! So I caved and went with the bird.

DQS10 w.i.p.

Here's the start with the background fused and stitched as it was yesterday.

three options

Today I made the kite and the branch and some other details and played around with them a bit. None of them are fused yet so I can move it all around and see what looks best. Which one do you like best? I'm not sure. I quite like the first one because it brings together all the greens, but I think my partner may like some more colour. Perhaps I should add some flowers in the grass, either fused applique or embroidery.. I have the same doubts about the kite, I personally love the newspaper fabric but maybe my partner would prefer a shiny red or pink kite instead?
Decisions, decisions ha ha!

I would love to hear what you would add {or remove!}

x Leila


  1. Ooh Leila, it's looking wonderful - the branch is perfect and I really like the newspaper kite ...

    I like it as it is but if you want flowers maybe you could embroider a couple? I think any more fabric would start to get too busy?

    It's soooopah and I'd be jolly pleased to have it wing its way to me :P

  2. I love the newspaper kite! I think it adds variety.
    It's lovely either way!

  3. I like #3. #2 looks almost like the bird has pointy orange ears. #1 does tie in the greens. but maybe you could play with the placement. Good luck :)

  4. A bit late to comment but I just love everything about this.


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