Sunday, 20 February 2011

My mother's dress...

...was blue with a large floral print. She often wore it with a blue leather belt and ankle boots. To me she was the most beautiful woman in the world in her blue flower dress. I wanted one just like mummy's and be pretty too! And although my mum sewed tons of pretty dresses for me, up till now I never had a dress that possessed the same magic as hers did.

But when I was trying on the new dress I sewed the other day, my little boy looked at me and said 'you're pretty mummy' and I recognized that look in his eyes... I finally have my own mother's dress!

I ♥  my new dress!

I used Anna Maria Horner dobby dot voiles and her Museum Tunic Tutorial  
The decision to combine the two voiles was born out of necessity, I only had one panel instead of the
1 1/2 needed, but it worked out quite well this way I think.
The only thing I would perhaps change is to place the little squares a bit lower, now they're a bit bulky around the waist. The pastry line voile is quite flattering with it's vertical stripes, it works well on the areas you may not want to draw too much attention to (hips, waist). So if you're tempted to try this version for yourself that's something you may want to concider :-) 

Did your mother have a special dress too? I'm curious to know!

x Leila


  1. It looks lovely Leila! I like it with the solid in the middle. Much more than panels all over. I don't remember my mum having a dress like that, she was more into Chanel two pieces etc, but she sure tried to put me in all kinds of lovelies to find 'that dress' for me to show me off in!

  2. Just lovely Leila ... I like your version much better !

    It's funny - when I try to picture my mother in a 'dress' I get nothing but the strong strong scent memory of "Miss Dior" wafting into the room with her ...

  3. Your dress is really gorgeous and you look amazing in it.

  4. What a beautiful dress!! The photo is like a styled fashion photo. i love your description of your mother in her dress, beautiful words.

  5. I found you from the Good Folks Flickr pool -- your dress is just gorgeous! It looks so beautiful!

  6. this is beautiful, and looks fabulous on you! I especially love the second fabric you added. I just ordered the same colorways to make one for myself, so now I'm very inspired after seeing yours!

  7. Oh this is gorgeous. My first visit to your blog - I think I will be back again.

  8. Yay, you are over 100 followers now! Thankyou! fir tge blog tag. Being 'cool' does make me laugh, I was never cool when it counted- school college etc, The dress is perfect!

  9. Don't know what happened to the spelling then, it's been a long day...

  10. Wow, seeing your beautiful dress makes me want to have another go at dressmaking (I have always been disappointed with everything I have made in the past). My mother had many gorgeous long evening dresses, most of which were made for her by my big sister who was amazing at dressmaking (and who taught me to sew). The most geautiful was made from a gorgeous floral chiffon (which my sister said was a nigthmare and she would never use it again). I now own this dress but it's too tight around the bust for me to wear it!


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