Thursday, 24 February 2011


Has this ever happened to you?  I wonder...

I had this stroke of 'brilliance'  where I came up with a 'clever' look for a board to pin my postcards on. They always end up in a drawer and it's a shame because I love getting cards in the mail instead of bills and other boring letters. Anyway,  I made this board and in the final stages it got scorched by my iron @#%**&!!
A few deep breaths a day or so later, I'm getting myself together to start the whole thing over when I see this picture on Flickr which looks VERY similar to what I'm in the midst of making!
Now it's not like I had not seen anything like it before, in fact the inspiration for this board came from one of my Flickr faves {don't you just love this?!!} But still it left me feeling a bit discouraged from finishing my project. I have this need to be original, do you know what I mean?
I think you do, I think most of us want to be original and create something that has not been done before, or at least has not been done over and over again lol! Wich proves pretty difficult as we're dealing with quilts and quilting has been done for centuries.  It's pretty safe to say it has all been done before!

First let me just show you what I made. I took a blank canvas board, you can get those pretty cheap, and stapled this quilted top to it. Easy peasy!


Back to originality, what makes a quilt original? How do YOU try to stay fresh and original when there's so much out there already you can always find a similar creation to yours. Most days I just make what I want to make in the fabrics that I love. But this was one of those times where blogging and Flickr was making me insecure. I was feeling the pressure people! The pressure to be creative and original just like everybody else ;-)

Be back soon with my 'notebook paper quilted' pillow {oh no, she didn't just stop at one ha ha!}

x Leila


  1. Call it reinterpretation? Don't worry about it, being inspired by others is what we all do, being totally original is impossible. Copying someone else's work direct is a different thing, you have not done that but made something nice for yourself :)

  2. I just remind myself that there is nothing new under the sun! Site my inspiration, when I am aware of it! ;0)
    I also try to always assume that others are trying their best to do the same. Then, just do what you love.


  3. I am finding that in the world of art, everyone is inspired by the same and different things. Don't be disheartened because we can all put our own interpretation into the things we make, making them our originals. No one else can make it you!

    I love these mini notepaper quilts, so I look forward to seeing more of yours.

  4. I sometimes feel that way too . . . I have to remember that sometimes it's not the originality that is key, but the quality.

    The Mona Lisa - it's a pretty standard portrait.
    Google - It's just another version of Yahoo.

    That's what I tell myself at least ;)

  5. Albert Einstein said, "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." People are inspired by each other, and often stuff gets kind of caught up in the creative blogosphere and several people are doing very similar renditions of the same thing without actually seeing each others' work. I've seen a lot of the notebook paper look in all kinds of inspiration boards lately, I think it's just one of those things in the artistic ether at the moment. Don't be discouraged! I like your manifestation of it!

  6. I love it Leila - as long as it makes you happy and you want it in your space I think the originality is moot.

    Can't wait to see the pillow :)

  7. Totally happened to me - I designed a block to go into the modern blocks book - really cool and original and unique and the VERY NEXT DAY, I got an email from not on the high street (a sort of UK Etsy type catalogue_ and there was my block, on the front cover, in the form of a cushion!!! And I designed a hexagon block once and then Tacha from Fat Quarterly posted her first hexagon block for FQ and it was almost identical. It's a weird feeling - you want to shout - that's my idea even though you know it is your idea but you feel people will think it's not! Grrrrrr!

  8. When I think of something creative and new to do the last thing I do is google it or look at Flickr. I almost always find something that is similar to what I am about to attempt to do. Totally ruins it for me. I don't fel as bad if I make the thing and then weeks later find something similar : )
    Carry on, carry on.


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