Thursday, 3 March 2011

Technical Thursday

I'll just cut right to the chase, I broke my camera. Dropped it to be more precise while I was busy taking pictures for a new tutorial. So sad, it just went dszooo dszoooo dszeeee and then the lens was stuck at a weird angle and that was that. Replacing the lens costs more than getting a new one so I am now window shopping for a decent camera on a very tight budget. Suggestions are welcome! {seriously tight budget people, I need a bargain, or burgain as they call it on Ebay lol!}

A holiday picture from the archives.

So for now I'm around on email, flickr (without pics of course), twitter and visiting all your blogs.
 I'll be back blogging in a week or so, on a fancy new Macbook, a decent new(ish) camera, hopefully with a finished tutorial and a give away!!

x Leila


  1. I have a panasonic Lumix and I love it though it blew my budget last summer at around the £250 mark. I'm desperate for a MacBook and one will be next splurge for sure ;)

  2. Oh no what a bummer! I have an old point and shoot so I'mno help with suggestions, but hope you find something good!

  3. Oh Leila - I so understand your despair ...

    I recently replaced my beloved camera with a bridge camera - not quite a dslr but you can go pretty close as far as aperture and shutter speed control

    Like Justine, I bought Panasonic Lumix - here's a link - I got mine for £199 at Curry's Digital, but they don't have it anymore :(

    I'd narrowed it down to that or the Fuji s2500 which is currently only about £133 ...

    I tried both, and I loved the bulky easy hold of the Fuji, and the fact that it takes rechargeable AA batteries and because the lens is like an slr, you can use filters on it...

    ... but I'd heard that low light performance wasn't so good - as I live in basement and take a lot of indoor shots for my blog I was nervous about that ...

    In the end I was swayed by the Leica lens on the Panasonic. It's not perfect but if you really tweak your settings it's pretty damn good ...

    One day I think I'll get the fuji as well :)

    Hope this helps ...

  4. Oh dear. It's awful braking your camera, somehow I managed to break 2 in one year. Now I've got a panasonic Lumix like Justine and Sarah, model DMC-FS3. It's light to carry, easy to use as a point and press camera. It wasn't too expensive, i think I got it on special.

  5. If you're looking for temporary until you save style cheap, I reckon you can't beat an old canon elph. A great point and press camera that you'll be able to pick up for a song these days. Hook it up to iPhoto to do all your tweaking and you'll have no problems.


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