Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I received my lovely doll quilt from the wonderful Brittney!

DQS10 Received! From Inaudiblefall

She did a wonderful job making this Roald Dahl inspired little red riding hood. The illustration from his book "Gruesome Rhymes" shows little red holding up a gun, this was causing a bit of a stir in the Doll Quilt Swap group. So Brittney decided to give her a rotary cutter instead, making little red just about as bad ass as I am ;-)
My partner received her quilt as well so that wraps up this swap for me...sad face. It was lots of fun and I can not wait to do the Doll Quilt Swap again!

Yesterday I got an email from the lovely Elaine showing off her version of my circle quilt tutorial. Isn't this beautiful?! I love it.

Did you see the hearts she added instead of some of the circles? Sweet! This turned out such a warm and cozy quilt it makes me want to snuggle up on the couch under this and eat lots of chocolate and watch crappy telly. When you click on the picture it will take you to Elaine's blog where you can read all about this quilt and her other fun sewing projects.

Thank you Brittney and Elaine!!

x Leila


  1. Cute doll quilt. So creative. Elaine's quilt is lovely. Love the way the daylight shows off the quilting.

  2. Great little doll quilt and you took a lovely pic. It is very rewarding to see your patterns made by someone else and given a bit of a new twist too

  3. I love the doll quilt. Lucky you! The rotary cutter is genius! And I love that someone made your quilt and shared it with you. That's very cool. Congrats.

  4. That rotary cutter detail is just genius!! Thanks for the heads up about the goodie bag swap BTW, I signed up and am really looking forward to getting started!

  5. What a saucy little doll quilt! I love it.

  6. Thanks, Leila, and I LOVE that doll quilt. And what an great frame you have for it!

  7. I remember you being excited about this doll quilt from the very first idea! The rotary cutter is priceless!
    Elaine's quilt is beautiful. It's such a great pattern. I've got a charm pack and layer cake in my cupboard that I bought after seeing your quilt,about a year ago!! one day...


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