Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Making amends

Months ago I finished this quilt, I enjoyed playing with the design in my head first, and then on paper. My heart skipped a little beat when I found the perfect fabric to work with. When insecurity set in I threw myself out there and asked for your help and received such great advice and encouragement - thank you!
My heart sang as I sewed out a horrible period in my life into these pieces of fabric. And when it was finished I was in such a hurry to share that I tripped over myself, taking pictures in bad lighting,editing without knowing how to, wich resulted in me cringing each time I look at them.

So today I'm making amends, I love this quilt for all it means to me personally, for how my friends both on and off line have responded to it so dearly.  It deserves a better photo...or two ...oh go on then three ;-)

Birds and Empty Cages.

B&C on fence #1

B&C detail

B&C full #2
my tall brother holding the quilt up for me :-)

Phew that feels much better!

I've been happily sewing more +&x blocks {love them!} and will be back soon with some progress shots.

x Leila


  1. You did right taking better pictures if you felt the need to but you know what? I can remember the quilt clearly but cannot for the life remember the context of the original pictures you took. Funny that isn't it?

  2. That is such a beautiful quilt! I'm glad you posted it again because I missed out the first time. There's a real knack for taking good photos of quilts and these are a great example.
    Very handy having a tall brother!

  3. Well this is the first time I've seen it, and boy is it gorgeous! I really like it :-) The empty cages, the silhouette birds, love it.

  4. I really love that it's so different.

  5. It is a beauty and in the female tradition of stitching memories and experience into textiles, the good and the not so good. Beautiful

  6. I've always loved this quilt to bits.

    It's such a treat to see it again ... and to know that it has so much of 'you' stitched in to it. The special quilts always do ...

  7. I am so pleased you are showcasing this quilt again as I missed it the first time and it is really beautiful and unusual - well done, and I am pleased it brought on such a healing process too.

  8. I love that you went back and took new photos of your quilt. My daughter recently critqued my photography skills for the same reasons - in the dark, bad lighting, the setting - so I love that you went for a re-do. I've given most of my quilts away, and maybe my photography is improving a little, but I'm going to work on it.

    Lovely quilt! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wonderful quilt, and you can tell that it was created with much love and thought. You have showed it off beautifully, and it is well deserved!

  10. I really love this quilt and I'm so glad that you posted it again because I got to see it!

    Jennifer :)

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  12. i just started following your blog, so i'm glad you took new pictures and posted them so i could go back and read the story. first, the musical inspiration is very cool. i think in color and shape, not in music and seeing how you interpret sound into a quilt is eye opening. also, those songs are amazing. they are both in my regular playlist. second, turning an intense personal experience into a quilt idea is powerful and that shows through in your quilt. you are very inspiring.

  13. This quilt is wonderful! Thanks for sharing a second time.

  14. this quilt screams perfection to me. Oh how I love it, the birds, the empty bird cages. Do tell, are they hand embroidered?


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