Monday, 18 April 2011


How was your weekend?
Mine was nice and slow I spent it watching a couple of dvd's, strolling out in the sun and sewing two new tops. It was hard enough taking pictures of me wearing just the one so you'll only get to see me in the grey top. The other is identical but in blue, you're not missing anything trust me ;-)

Polkadot Top

In case you wondered...I have a head just not one that's fit to be in this particular picture!

I have this sudden urge to improve my dressmaking skills and fill up my tired old wardrobe with fabulous handmade creations. It's not exactly working out that way yet, remember the dress I started on? Well it's half finished and not working for me at all! Chucked on the 'I'll get to this later" pile looking all sad and sorry making me feel guilty.

Anyway, despite perusing my patterns on hand frantically I could not find what I wanted to sew so I reverted to the full proof method {ahum!} of drafting my own pattern from a top I already had. This worked out brilliantly as you can imagine and resulted in a very baggy unflattering top destined to end up on the same pile as the dress - poo!
We can't have that now can we, if that wardrobe of mine is to be updated anytime soon. So I decided to improvise. Trust me normally this never works out to my advantage, but this particular time the sewing gods were on my side and I actually managed to produce not one but two tops that I am not ashamed of wearing in public- yay!

I have weid elbows

I particularly like this low cut back, but what is up with my elbows?! I need some anti-wrinkle elbow cream asap!! {is there such a thing and if so where can I get it?}
What do you think should I enter this in the Spring Top Sew Along 2011, or should I keep on practicing?

x Leila


  1. Awesome! Ah, when I saw the first photo I immediately crossed my fingers that you used a pattern! It's the perfect style of tank that I like to wear. It looks totally professional too. So bummer for no pattern, but I love it. Definitely enter it.

  2. Haha ditto Krista on the pattern! It's great enter it, I've just added one and we get 3 entry's so yay!

  3. Looks fantastic! Enter it!

  4. Wonderful make! Get it in the comp! Nice mix between casual and dressy too

  5. Enter it!! It's beautiful! So simple with just the right amount of gather at the top. Clever you!! Love your vase of flowers.

  6. That top looks great! I tried to make a few summer tops last year. One didn't fit and the other one, it looked handmade...bummer. Your top looks good and I bet the other one does too! Perfect for this summer.

    About the elbow cream. I use Dr. van der Hoog Hand-voet-elleboog-kniecrème. Iseux Extra


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