Monday, 9 May 2011

Goodie Bag Swap

Goodie Bag Swap, originally uploaded by Where the Orchids Grow.
Almost finished bag for my partner in the Goodie Bag Swap.
This is one BIG bag, she'll be able to fit everything she owns in there and still have room left for a serious shopping spree.
Inside there's two simple open pockets for a phone and such and also one zippered pocket. The bag closes with a magnetic clasp.
The flower is a pin so my partner can remove that or place it somewhere else if she wants to.

I hope she'll love it.

x Leila

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  1. my kind of bag - simply fabulous ... I love having a good rummage ...

  2. This is gorgeous!
    I'm sure your partner will love it too!

  3. Yes a great bag - so many wonderful uses. And like Sarah said - great for having a good rummage in!

  4. that's what I call One of A Kind Fabulousness!
    She'll love it! And if she doesn't, well, you've got plenty of readers who'd be willing to mud wrestle for it! Okay, maybe that's just me.... :O)

  5. What a great bag. Is there a pattern somewhere for this, or is it your own creation?

  6. Very cute! Love the flower especially. Sounds like a great bag for the lady on the go!

  7. Lovely bag Leila! Is there a pattern available?

  8. That is a very,very beautiful bag. And sounds so practical being big and handy pockets. You're partner is going to love it!!!

  9. Nive to meet you (via Quiltstory) and love your blog already!

    I think this bag is fab, and, being British, I also like your union jack rug mug on your header bar!

  10. This bag is fantastic!!!! :) :) :)


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