Friday, 10 June 2011

~Friday~ ramblings

Remember me bragging about my brand spanking new Mr. Pfaff? It's gorgeous and I do not regret buying it, at all! But spending all your pennies on something big like that was a bit daunting for me {to say the least..}. Especially if only two days later the washing machine dies, oh no!
Lucky for me my father helped me out big time and the new one is being delivered today :-) I'm so thrilled because I can tell you hand washing is not an option with a little boy that insists on rolling round in the mud all day -every day!

One good thing about not being able to do laundry is there's more time to sew.
Here's a few things I made this week

apron collage

I love this large floral print from Meadowsweet for Michael Miller fabrics. It has a nice vintagy feel to it {that's not a word!}

pencil case collage
Both are the apron is still available in my shop

It's almost the end of the school year for us, and although I can not wait for summer break {no more dreaded alarm clocks!!} it's a bit sad as well. Because next year my boy will be going to the 'big' school *sigh* it's a cliche but they really do grow up too quickly!

Some of you have asked me about the kitchen towels they're sold out at the moment {insert me jumping up and down for joy!}. But I'm happy to say I managed to snatch up more of the same lovely linen I made the first two from. I'll be working hard to list new ones this weekend! If you have any text requests please drop me a line and I'll see to it :-)

x Leila


  1. I LOVE your apron too!

    Congrats on the sales!!!

  2. I noticed your shiny pfaff in your previous post - I had no idea it was brand spanking new! Congratulations lucky lady! My pfaff is about 35 years old and still rocking! Though I do dream of the day I get an upgrade as lovely as yours....

  3. That apron is beautiful!! I love the pockets in it. The fabric is gorgeous, I've only seen the close up, snippet photos but the big bloomy blooms are so yummy! It's so wonderful that you're Etsy shop is doing so well!!

  4. Isn't the way life works annoying sometimes!
    Apron is lovely! Congrats on the speedy sales! :)

  5. Just to say thank you so much - my lovely parcel arrived this week. Our broadband has been down so I couldn't email or blog, but just wanted to say how grateful I am to you!

    Pomona x


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