Tuesday, 14 June 2011

~Kiss my bag ~

It's been such a lovely long weekend {we had yesterday off}
My brother's super talented girlfriend graduated from art academy and got to show her very own collection on this huge bi-annual fashion event we have here in town. I'm so proud of her, she did really well and got raving reviews!

Artez graduation show: Romy Kokke {the review is in Dutch}
To celebrate my brother gave me this amazing gift.

Kiss My Bag
Kiss My Bag by Petra Hartman
This bag is made out of painted canvas, it's pretty much a painting like you would normally find framed, turned into a bag. This art project is called "kiss my bag" {don't you just love that?!} designed by Dutch artist Petra Hartman.You can find these bags and more of her beautiful objects and paintings here the site is in Dutch but the pictures speak for themselves.

More bags for me :-)

{Goodie Bag Swap} Received

My bag from the Goodie Bag Swap arrived, it's such a bright and cheerful bag made with a mix of Echino fabrics. Jules / Relish Australia also included this cute little zippered pouch and some fab scraps. I certainly got spoiled this weekend!
I can't get enough of these swaps on Flickr it's all the excitement and anticipation...I think I am a bit addicted!

x Leila


  1. Wow lots of bag love eh? The one your brother gave to you is my fave!!

  2. Oh I have been waiting to see which bag you got - and you got a fabby one! Perfect for you - in fact quite similar fabrics to the one you made. I have really enjoyed the goodie bag swap and will definitely sign up for next round!

  3. What a great bag! And what a sweet brother

  4. What a beautiful set of photos all in one post! Talented fashion designer, great gifites from your bro and a lovely goodie bag!

  5. Awesome bags!! Both of them! And one all the way from Australia. The goodie bag swap looks like it was heaps of fun. It's great seeing the bags pop up on blogs here and there.

  6. Pleasant Post. This transmit helped me in my college assignment. Thanks Alot


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