Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Secret Obsession...

The wonderful Kerry of Very Kerry Berry is hosting this fun link up party where we all get to talk a bit about our secret obsessions!

I first saw the incredible artwork of Ashes and Snow in a magazine a few years back and was so moved by the beauty of these photographs.

It is so worth a visit to their website and have a look for yourself.

And in case you were wondering.. none of these photo's are superimposed or digitally edited it's amazing!

I know this is supposed to be about non sewing obsessions but can you blame me for throwing in a picture of my biggest obsession at the moment?

I'm happily quilting away it's so smooth I can't believe it!!

x Leila


  1. Those photographs are incredibly beautiful and it is a very nice website to visit. I would love to hear more about your machine! And thank you for linking x

  2. They are understandable and valid obsessions! Nothing weird here! x

  3. Ooh, lovely photos! Crazy subjects, to sit there so calmly, eek! The sepia tone really warms it all up, doesn't it?


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