Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fluffy Pom's

Goodmorning Campers! How are you all?
I've been without internet for a few days and it feels more like weeks with all that's been going on here. I'm having a hard time catching up on everything you all have been up to lately - sorry!
I am happily enjoying little blasts of sunshine inbetween the rain showers and pom pomming along the way. I just love these soft and fuzzy little cuties!


To make sure my pom pom's are as soft and fuzzy as they can be I decided I needed to split my threads. It's a little more work but I do like the extra fluffyness it adds to the finished pom's.


I find it easiest to cut a length of thread, tie one end to the handle of a pair of scissors and let that untwirl the thread as you separate them.


Wind up both sides of your pom pom maker, cut and tie as usual. Now sit back and admire your extra fluffy pom pom !


Not sure yet how I want to make strings out of my poms, I left long tail threads just in case I need them. I might just tie them all together or crochet a long thread and tie them to that... any ideas?

x Leila

Saturday, 16 July 2011

PomPomAlong, Hexalong, YoYoalong {it's summer!}

It's summertime and everywhere in blogtopia there are great ideas popping up for portable sewing projects.

After seeing this post I decided I need to make a couple of these fab pom pom strings while I'm out and about this summer. So I gathered up this basket full of pretty colours and I'm planning on getting busy with my pom pom makers!

Anyone fancy to PomPomAlong with me? If there's takers I will have a go at making a button for the PomPomAlong and a Flickr Page perhaps so you can show off your pretties? All you need is some Clover Pom Pom makers and some yarn in pretty colours and you're good to go. They come in packs of two different sizes - very convenient. I'm going to start with two and see how far I get, perhaps I'll order another set to have more of a variety in sizes.

If pom pomming doesn't strike your fancy how about a hexalong?

Lynne @ Lily's Quilts is hosting a Hexalong. She has guest posts lined up and templates to print and all sorts of fun in store for you this summer! Head on over to her blog to sign up and get all the details.

Or how about a YoYoalong?

Penny @ Sewtakeahike is hosting a YoYoalong, I'm planning on joining this one as soon as my Yo Yo maker arrives, I've got tons of scraps all ready and waiting.
Penny posted a great photo tutorial on her blog and also has one of those fancy progress bars to help you keep track of your yo yo making.

Be sure to let me know if you would like to pom pomalong with me :-)
Happy summer sewing!

Leila x

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sewing Bag

I joined yet another swap on Flickr.
This one is particularly fun because you get to make a pretty pouch, I love a small sewing project one that I can start and finish in a day....you know keeping things simple ;-)
Well that was until I decided I just had to make the sewing bag from Suzuko Koseki's latest book Natural Patchwork

Granted I still finished it in a day but I spent it glued behind my machine!

For my partner..

This is not the easiest little bag to sew, the courthouse step blocks are tiny finishing at 2 1/2" x 4" but they're cute and you only need four blocks. I made three instead because I couldn't find a zipper long enough. It's the gusset that had me uttering one or two lets say 'less than ladylike" words!

I love how this turned out though, and I sure hope my partner will too.
Need to make one for me now...or could I persuade my partner to make me one?

x Leila

Monday, 11 July 2011

More Paper Piecing Practice

Thank you all for your comments and helpful tips on my post yesterday!
As with most new skills you need to stick with it for a while to get the hang of things. The more I sit with this paper piecing thing the more it's starting to all make sense and not seem so overly complicated anymore.
That said I thought I'd have a go at my own design!

Rice Bowl

I even threw in some tiny curved piecing! I don't know why I did that really because so far all my circle piecing attempts have failed {I never blogged about those attempts either it was too shameful!} This half circle went ok, it was tricky and I did get some puckers but I don't think I could have pieced it any better.
And since I have too many blocks lying around as it is I turned it into a little mugrug.

Well once you've done it once it's quite easy to duplicate..

Rice Bowl Potholder.

I wanted to try a different way of piecing the rice this time so I did reverse applique. Works just as well but without the puckers - bonus! I added a layer of Insulbright and made myself a new potholder.

All in all a pretty productive weekend. Anyone fancy coming over to tidy up my sewing room? ;-)

x Leila

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Practicing Paper Piecing

After following around the Ringo Pie girls like a puppy for months, I thought it was high time I'd start practicing paper piecing.
It so happened that for this month of Fresh Modern Bee we got to make whatever we wanted. So when my bee fabrics arrived I was quick to jump. It's always a bonus if you get someone else fabrics to experiment with....much easier to cut into right?! ;-)
I used Ayumi's tutorial for this coffee pot block, her work is such an inspiration and I'm so glad she was generous enough to share.

Here's my version.

FMB 2 July block

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, not perfect but it was pretty much my first attempt so that's to be expected.

If you are like me and could do with some help and tips on how to go about designing your own paper pieced blocks, Melinda has done a very helpful post on her blog about numbering your pieces.  You can read it here

I'd love to hear your tips and tricks for paper piecing, do you have a book or site to recommend?
I need all the help I can get! If I get enough resources together to make some sort of list I'll do a follow up post to make it easier to find what you are looking for, sounds like a good deal right?

Have a happy Sunday,

x Leila

Friday, 8 July 2011

School is out for summer!

Today was the last day of school for us. Six heavenly weeks of no alarm clocks and hopefully some specks of sun in between the rain ;-)

Last days are bittersweet, my little boy is not so little anymore and going to the 'big' school next year. He's had an amazing teacher {aren't they THE best?!} so I wanted to make something nice for her.


She can use these two strings of bunting for the kids' birthdays or other school parties or just take them home with her of course.

Same as last year the summer holidays start with both me and the little monster ill! I guess it was high time for us to slow down and relax a bit.

Have a very happy summer {or winter if that's where you're at!}

x Leila

Monday, 4 July 2011

Six Farmer's down...

..105 to go!

I might be the most reluctant Farmer's Wife of them all. Some days I really hate my Farmer he's so arrogant and demanding {why is it always the bad boys eh?} He sniffed at my feeble attempts to piece one of the more advanced blocks.

#55 Linoleum

But then he smiled and gently pushed me towards these 'easier' ones and I was smitten all over again.

I went in this for the learning experience and trying to push myself to become a better or I should say more accurate piecer. I love sitting behind my sewing machine slapping bits of fabric together and see what I can create organically, I'm not one to follow a pattern and this is tough for me at times.

#12 Broken Sugar Bowl

But I love the feeling of accomplishment when I look at my finished blocks {1" triangles and all} so I'm still sticking it out. Who knows maybe one of these days my Farmer will make an honest woman out of me ;-)

x Leila