Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fluffy Pom's

Goodmorning Campers! How are you all?
I've been without internet for a few days and it feels more like weeks with all that's been going on here. I'm having a hard time catching up on everything you all have been up to lately - sorry!
I am happily enjoying little blasts of sunshine inbetween the rain showers and pom pomming along the way. I just love these soft and fuzzy little cuties!


To make sure my pom pom's are as soft and fuzzy as they can be I decided I needed to split my threads. It's a little more work but I do like the extra fluffyness it adds to the finished pom's.


I find it easiest to cut a length of thread, tie one end to the handle of a pair of scissors and let that untwirl the thread as you separate them.


Wind up both sides of your pom pom maker, cut and tie as usual. Now sit back and admire your extra fluffy pom pom !


Not sure yet how I want to make strings out of my poms, I left long tail threads just in case I need them. I might just tie them all together or crochet a long thread and tie them to that... any ideas?

x Leila


  1. Haha! Those pom poms are just so cute!!

  2. Wow you can get pom pom makers? I used to love making these as a kid round a piece of cardboard shaped like a polo mint.

  3. You could knit an I-cord or do a twisted thread using a pencil. I always end up trimming my pompoms so much to even them out that they shrink hugely!

    It is very grey here - no rain, but no sunshine either - not very summery at all.

    Pomona x

  4. So so cute! I am working with poms poms today too, mine are fabric and I'll be sharing a little tutorial tomorrow!

  5. Cute Pom Poms!! That pom pom maker looks really cool! I use the cardboard circle method. I made a fabric pom pom a few years ago. It hangs on my door in my sewing room. I'll take a photo on the weekend and put it on Flickr for you to see. It might be fun to try with your special maker.

  6. These are great - there's something very happy about pom poms! And I didn't know you could get special things to make them with - I always used a donut shaped piece of cardboard!

  7. Hi I am a new reader on your blog.

    I recently purchase pom-pom maker also.

    I am looking forward to use up some of my yarns.

    Love your pom-poms.

  8. How about using the pom poms as bunting? Or hanging them off the bottom of each bunting flag? This would have a Morroccan feel maybe?


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