Monday, 11 July 2011

More Paper Piecing Practice

Thank you all for your comments and helpful tips on my post yesterday!
As with most new skills you need to stick with it for a while to get the hang of things. The more I sit with this paper piecing thing the more it's starting to all make sense and not seem so overly complicated anymore.
That said I thought I'd have a go at my own design!

Rice Bowl

I even threw in some tiny curved piecing! I don't know why I did that really because so far all my circle piecing attempts have failed {I never blogged about those attempts either it was too shameful!} This half circle went ok, it was tricky and I did get some puckers but I don't think I could have pieced it any better.
And since I have too many blocks lying around as it is I turned it into a little mugrug.

Well once you've done it once it's quite easy to duplicate..

Rice Bowl Potholder.

I wanted to try a different way of piecing the rice this time so I did reverse applique. Works just as well but without the puckers - bonus! I added a layer of Insulbright and made myself a new potholder.

All in all a pretty productive weekend. Anyone fancy coming over to tidy up my sewing room? ;-)

x Leila


  1. They're really nice! Okay, you got me, I'm going to have to bump "learn to paper piece" much higher up my list of things to try... (and reverse applique too)

  2. This is very cool - you're completely inspiring me so I'm off to get myself some Freezer Paper!

  3. oh wow! they look great :)
    i really love the choices of prints you used.

  4. SO cute!! I love that design you came up with!

  5. You know I love paperpiecing, not as hard as people think- I love both your rice bowls!

  6. I am way impressed ... maybe it's time for me to bite the bullet too ...

    Love the chopsticks!

  7. Yeay, congrats on your pattern! I'm inspired

  8. Very nice, I like both versions.

  9. I love your rice bowl and the fabrics you used! I didn't see any puckers!

  10. FAB-U- LOUS!!!! You are very inspiring! I do paper piecing but I DON"T make my own patterns! Well done- the little bowl of rice is very cute!

  11. That rice bowl is gorgeous! I did a bit of paper piecing for a sampler a while ago - I must try it again!

  12. These are stunning!I wish I had found cute rice bowls like these before getting plain boring white rice bowls.

    I love your creations so much :)


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