Sunday, 21 August 2011

241 Tote

I made a bag for me! I love my bees and swaps but sometimes it's so nice to sew something I get to keep.
Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and drafting my own pattern I chose this wonderful pattern by Anna from Noodlehead fame. I really like the shape of the 241 tote especially the version with the exterior pockets so that's the one I decided to go for.

241 Tote

The front panel is a Nani Iro print, the pockets are something Japanese that I can't remember the name of and some Essex linen for the side panels. All slightly heavier weight fabrics than normal quilting weight cottons, I like my bags to be a bit sturdier.

241 tote interior

I found this lovely linen look home dec weight fabric at Ikea that I used for the lining, this heavier weight lining helps to hold the shape of the bag without having to use the dreaded interfacing - bonus!
I added a little lobster clasp for my keys, and a hand stamped label just to make it look a bit professional ;-)
Doesn't my purse look great in this bag?!

241 tote detail

I was hanging on to this old belt for a while knowing one day I'd find a good use for it, and it happened to go well with this bag. I love to recycle if I can!

This is definitely a pattern I will use again! You can buy one for yourself on Anna's lovely blog here.

x Leila


  1. it does look great!love the color combo :)
    i bought some heavier weight fabrics yesterday -wanting to try something with no interfacing too :)

  2. Looks great - I just bought this pattern yesterday. I normally make my bags straight out of my head but thought I'd make life easier and follow someone elses pattern and like you I liked the look of the shape with exterior pockets. I can't begin to start making until I've done more clearing up!

  3. totally beautiful Leila! again, I love the fabrics you picked so much. :)

  4. Really lovely bag, the strap is perfect! I'm seeing so many things I love lately and they all seem to involve Linen... think that's going to have to be top of the list next time I fabric binge ;-)

  5. I love the bag and fabric! Now I want one. :)

  6. Lovely combination and details!

  7. I know what you mean about sewing something just for you! Your bag is perfect! And now I really need to get that pattern!:)

  8. It's a lovely bag - I love the linen, too - I must seek some out!

    Pomona x


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