Monday, 29 August 2011

Paying it Forward

I survived this weekend's birthday celebrations, the rain, the thunder and the kids!! Thank you all so much for your kind birthday wishes, my boy had a blast.

I even managed to cram some sewing in and made three little gifts for my friends who in turn will pay it forward.

First up is Julianna, she told me she would like a potholder. I'd been wanting to try this potholder from Suzuko Koseki's latest book Natural Patchwork, so I decided to make one for her.

Pay It Forward for Julianna
This type of binding was new to me, you just wrap scraps of fabric around the edges and sew them on.  I really enjoyed experimenting with this as it was trickier than I thought at first and you get a less 'clean' result than with normal binding. I so enjoy this type of messy patchwork, it's very liberating!
I imagine that with use this potholder may get some lovely stains for Julianna to patch up again and again. I can only dream of the kinds of wonderfulness in design that may bring!

Shannon said she loves zippered pouches, her favourites showed a love of blue and orange ..oh so tricky for me!!
So I settled on this little zippered coin purse in lovely Ruby Star Rising and Kokka prints.


It's perhaps a little more muted than what I've seen in your faves Shannon, but I hope this still fits the bill!

Suzanne said she would like anything so I thought she might enjoy a set of patchwork coasters. The inspiration for these also came from Suzuko Koseki's book.

SK coasters

As with the potholder I hope these coasters will get stained and patched up by Suzanne over time. Even though this design is quite different from Julianna's potholder I still think the coasters would look just as lovely all patched up!

All three will be in the post tomorrow.
I'm so looking forward to see how these lovely ladies will be paying it forward!!

x Leila


  1. Leila, I just knew that gift made by you will be fabulous! I love your potholder and I just can't wait to get it:)

    PS. I hope you don't mind that I showed it on my blog... If so, just let me know!

  2. You are quick! Love the coasters and they will be much used in my sewing room--I currently only have one that has to move with me from cutting table to sewing table to sitting somewhere to hand sew.

  3. all three projects are such beauties. you have inspired me. i need new coasters badly....

  4. shoot. that last comment was me, susan, not anon.

  5. every single one of those is lovely. what a great way to try new patterns and techniques. i have a bunch of books a patterns that never see the light of day underneath all of my quilt projects. must. keep. plugging. along. maybe someday i'll get to the fun little projects :)

  6. Gorgeous gifts, glad you survived the party!

  7. You were so speedy with your PIF! Love your makes, lucky ladies!

  8. Lucky ladies, all three makes are really gorgeous :-)


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