Friday, 23 September 2011

Random acts of kindness

Lately I have been so spoiled with surprises in my mailbox!

First Julianna sent me this sweet little mug rug which was a total surprise. She did such a wonderful job piecing these words together look!

Julianna was one of my PIF partners and we did a little fabric swap on the side, I really wasn't expecting this little goodie as well. Thank you so much Julianna it reminds me each morning to live a "cool Leila life"!

And if that wasn't enough look what else the postman brought.

For no reason at all, other than she rocks, Elena sent me this wonderful box full of trim and lace and handmade lace and..munki munki! How great is that?!

I admit to getting a lot of post with all the swaps and bee's I'm in and we'll just not mention the online fabric shopping shall we ;-) But these unexpected surprises are the very best post ever!

Thank you so much Julianna and Elena, it's a wonderful idea to have friends in places I have never visited before!

So tell me what did the postman bring you lately that made your heart skip a little beat?

x Leila


  1. It's always so nice getting things through the post - it feels like a present, even if you have bought it yourself!

    Pomona x

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one having a fab post week!

  3. Beautiful surprises! I'm not impressed with the post at the moment - I've been waitin 4 weeks for some fabric :-( Might just have to do a wee bit more shopping, if only to prove its a one off ;-)

  4. ps when did your header change? Am I really unobservant?! Its really cool :-)

  5. Nice! Unexpected mail sure is the best! I'm also having a lot of good mail at the moment what with all the swaps, people sending me blocks for my "cheeky quilt" and also lets not mention the shopping.
    But it's so slow to Australia. I've been waiting on a package of purse frames from Etsy for over 5 weeks now - it seems to be MIA :( I guess my PLPS partner will be getting a zipper pouch again unless they turn up soon!! (It also has my magnetic snaps in! grrr)

  6. It was a pleasure to prepare ths little package for you. Glad ypu like it :D!

  7. i nearly wet my pants when i received my SK fabrics from Japan. soooo pretty.


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