Tuesday, 11 October 2011

about a pillow, crochet and photography in the dark..

Is it really Tuesday already?!
I am missing a day here surely, you know that feeling when for an entire week you're living on the wrong day? Well that's me right now.

First as promised the other pillow- or cushion cover if you wish - I sewed up on Friday.

log cabin pillow

One big scrappy liberated log cabin, I love it! This type of log cabin block is still my very favourite to sew up. I pull tons of scraps from my bins and make a huge mess of the floor. I sew everything straight onto the batting,  and love the freedom to create as I go without a plan or design. Every piece of fabric I pull leads me to the next. If my strip is too short I'll just add another piece to it that will make it fit, and before I know it I'll have the top complete and quilted as well.
I have it listed in my shop here


I've been doing some crochet on my lazy weekend and I'm almost done with a small 'ordinarily extraordinary blanket', using Dottie Angel's tutorial.
Now help me wish for a patch of clear sky so I can go outside to take pictures of it!

I have learned lots about taking better photo's from reading tips and tricks online. I can find my way around Picnick blindfolded now if I must.  But I still haven't mastered the art of taking half decent photo's when it rains outside and it's dark inside. Do you use the flash or not, I'd say not, but what to do for light? And I really don't want to have to go as far as building a home photography studio with special lights and whatnots! Do you have any tips and tricks you use during the dark months? Enlighten me ;-)

x Leila


  1. oooh love that pillow, want to go off and make one for myself now

  2. Pillow is gorgeous! Leila your photos always look brilliant already :-)

  3. Up until now winter interior photos have been almost impossible for me - I am hoping for better from my new camera! But try the middle of the day, as close to the window as possible - if it is small, on the sill, and on a white background, all the lights on, and I have a craft lamp which I can shine towards the subject as well. I find flash distorts the colour, so I always have it turned off.

    Love the cushion!

    Pomona x

  4. I hear your pain - I live in Vancouver where it will now rain for the next 6 months. I have a Daylight lamp that I set up over my work for winter photography. It's not idea (still casts shadows) but it's better than a flash.

    Love the pillow. I will totally do this for one of my xmas gifts - I hadn't thought to piece it directly onto the batting, so thanks for the idea!

  5. I love stitching and flipping onto wadding, just done a smaller version of log cabin for the scrappy swap.
    Seems permanetly dark here at the moment, must try my Ott lite to help light the photos..
    Love your cushion.

  6. Love love love that pillow! I want to do that kind of scrappy log cabin, just building up the scraps to do it!

  7. i want that pillow! (actually just need to make a few for myself) almost bought it, but then realized I have heaps of scraps to be using. :) ugh, pics in low light and bad weather suck. I don't have many tips I guess. I use the sunniest spot in my house for most of my pics which has a south facing and east facing window.

  8. I love your scrappy pillow! I am all about scrappy patchwork projects these days!

  9. I love your pillow, Leila and am really in awe of you crocheting...it's on my list to master! I know what you mean about photographing in gloomy weather. I also say no artificial light and get as close to windows as can, to let what light there is come thru

  10. love the pillow! wonky log cabins are some of my favorites :)

    i have a backdrop and special lights but i don't think i have enough lighting, as they still turn out dark. i try and take photos by the window whenever i can-and it's light out ;)
    i never use a flash

  11. Lovely cushion! This wintery Manchester weather isn't helping my photography either, but the fact I do a lot of sewing at night probably isn't good for the pictures!!

  12. I have a craft lamp with a daylight bulb in it that I use if more lighting is necessary!

    The cushion is gorgeous...

  13. my cloudy day photography tips are to pick the brightest spot in your house. i use the floor in my sunroom because the windows are really big and i like the wood background in my photo. i also turn the white balance up in every craft photo i take. and i turn on the macro setting of the camera to improve the focus. and i squeeze my elbows in and hold my breath when i press the shutter button.
    good luck with your photos!


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