Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday Favourites

This week flew buy without much of anything happening here.  Just the everyday little things.

make up pouch lace

Our early morning bicycle rides to school have gotten less pleasant by the constant autumn rain. There's the piles of laundry that finally got the better of me and demanded my immediate attention. Wiping noses, supermarket trips, cooking dinner, picking up dirty socks around the house, stepping on those pesky bits of Lego - they are everywhere!

make up pouch sashiko close up

Inbetween these pleasures of motherhood, I did manage to sew up some new pouches for the shop. Including my new labels from gutentags Cassie was very fun to work with and I love the look of my new smaller tags. I have a long blog and shop name and it's been difficult for me to find labels the right size, these will do me just fine!

Here are some of my favourites from Flickr to inspire those weekend sewing projects.

Friday Favourites

1. Double Wedding Ring Basket, 2. Tiny coin purse side 2, 3. for Tasha, 4. Patchwork Pinwheel pillow, 5. Little House Ornaments, 6. the twins..., 7. From Quilter's Studio, 8. autumn collection part 1, 9. clutches3

Have a happy weekend!

x Leila


  1. Gorgeous bag, is that a doily?! It looks fab!

  2. always love seeing your projects. thanks for including my little pouches in your beautiful round up!

  3. I love this pouch! I have a big bag full of vintage lace doilies from my grandmother, and I'd love to try something like this...though I've never made a pouch at all!

  4. look at me in your faves!!! thank you. Your days sound a lot like mine, right down to those painful Legos underfoot ;) xo amy


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