Thursday, 6 October 2011

More on slippers ..

Some of you had a few questions about the slippers I made from Suzuko Koseki's book Natural Patchwork, so I'll try and answer them here.

The main thing of course with slippers is finding the right size.
I enlarged the pattern by 200% as per the book's instructions and the slippers fit me perfectly.
I am a European size 37 which conversion charts tell me to be US/Canada: 6 1/2 - Australia: 5 - UK: 4
The pattern measurements indicate that the length of the sole is 9 1/2" I'm hoping this will help you determine if your pattern pieces need to be larger or smaller.


I used a double layer of cotton batting for the soles, which I'm pleased with. They are nice and warm and still very soft and flexible. For the bottom soles I used a left over bit of home dec weight canvas, this is not as slip proof as I hoped. Next time I may try using a rubber sole if I can find a pair.
I may also try and secure the lining somewhere in the toe as it's only attached to the opening and slides out a bit.I think a few hand stitches should solve this problem easily.


Apart from being the cutest pair of slippers I've ever had the fact that they're all cotton allows your feet to breathe unlike the fuzzy synthetic slippers you'd buy in the shops. No smelly slippers ladies, isn't that a big plus?!

Happy sewing!
If you have any more questions just shoot and I'll do my best to answer them.

x Leila


  1. I have this book, and after seeing you cute slippers I may just have to make a pair ;)

  2. Thank you for the extra tips. I think I will try this pattern, when my to-do list will allow it ;)

  3. I've just seen some white fabric with little rubber dots on, that is for sewing into childrens footie pj's to keep them from slipping.I'll bet that would work wonderfully for the bottom of your slippers! (Which are definitely thee cutest slippers ever!!)

  4. Thanks, Leila. I've made crocheted slippers before and had the same problem with slippery. I love Karen's comment about using fabric with rubber dots!

  5. they're amazing, and I had to pull out my book to check them out again. Might have to give it a go!

  6. They are adorable, and without fuzz my dog might actually NOT chew a pair like that! We can buy fabric here that has little rubber dots on it. I use it for the bottom of my thread catcher/pin cushions so they don't slide off the table, but they it is intended for slipper soles.

  7. Your slippers are fabulous. I think I'm going to make some of these as christmas presents. Thanks for the tips!

  8. I've not tried this etsy shop but it might interest you:

    Another lovely slipper make!

  9. I recently purchased some of that fabric with the little rubber dots that Karen mentioned. I was going to use it on the bottom of a little patchwork kitchen rug but may have to hijack it for a pair of these slippers! So so cute.

  10. if you are near an IKEA store, they have a rug that is one side non slip and one side cozy synthetic. You can cut about four pairs of soles out of it for $15.99! It's pretty warm and soft. :)

  11. You know what also totally works? Fabric puff paint. You could do dots or draw designs or whatever and you could do it on any fabric at all, including on your already completed slippers (which I love, btw).

  12. can a girl drool over another person's slippers? does that sound yucky? well, i at least covet your slippers. you could probably show a picture of them in every single post and i'd be happy :)


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