Friday, 11 November 2011

this week...

This week, I received the most perfect pillow from Jennifer as part of the Pillow talk Swap. I got so lucky this round!! I had been secretly hoping this cushion would come my way, it's just perfect don't you think?

PTS Received!!

Not only does it look stunning from the front it has an equally amazing back too.
As if that wasn't enough she also sent a ton of fabrics and some very cute fabric labels that made my heart skip a beat!

Thank you so much Jennifer, you need not have worried I really, really LOVE it!!

I finished this month's Cocorico Bee block for Krista.
Her theme was 'hit the slopes' and there are some truly amazing blocks produced already by my bee mates. Well worth to have a look at the group pool here or you can click the new button Megan made for us on my side bar.

I used Kerry's paper piecing pattern but decided to mix things up a little. I used the freezer paper method as I prefer it to traditional paper piecing and just made the individual segments. I improvised the suit case and then played around with my individual blocks until I was happy with the layout. Then I added strips to make everything fit. I finished up with some hand stitching to accentuate the fact that there's a mitten missing.
I know nothing about winter sports but I do happen to know about packing for a trip and somehow there's always a missing mitten!

Let's hit the slopes! November Cocorico Bee block for Krista

I wonder if the lost mittens just ran away from home to hang out with the lost socks. I bet they are smoking behind the bike shed hoping not to get caught and sent home again ;-)

x Leila


  1. Wow the pillow is really beautiful!! I love your paper piecing but that mitten sounds like trouble.

  2. that pillow is fantastic, so cheery!

  3. Oh wow, the mittens are adorable - and the rest! One day I'll be brave enough to attempt something half as complicated. And that pillow! Beautiful.

  4. Wow, that pillow and your paper piecing are both perfect!!! Beautiful!~

  5. You got a great pillow and it really suits you! Your block is totally fabulous! x

  6. How absolutely perfect for you! Jennifer did a great job front and back- it is so you! And you know I absolutely love your block!

  7. That pillow is A-MAZING!! LOVE your block too!

  8. Pillow is gorgeous, and your block is Fab-u-lous!

  9. Fabulous cushion and your bee block is delightful.

  10. You seem to know a lot about what happened behind the bike shed!??

    Great PP! Lovely block!

  11. The pillow is fantastic! I love both the front and the back :)
    The paper piecing is so sweet!

  12. Very impressive block - I love the mittens! And your pillow is gorgeous but I think I like the fabric extras even more!

  13. Hahahaha!! I'm behind the bike shed too :)
    The paper piecing is fantastic!

  14. that pillow is so "Leila!" to me. your partner did a great job! and i already love your winter accessories block. it almost makes me wish for snow :)

  15. those mittens and socks. they can't be trusted! very cute block and very cute cushion!


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