Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

It is almost here 2012- I am excited about this year, after all it might be our last ;-)

I have no predictions or anything, just a great big thank you!! Your sweet comments and emails have brightened up many a grey day this year :-)


1. + & X blocks Quilt, 2. Log Cabin Potholder, 3. I ♥ my new dress!, 4. Egg rug, 5. Luna Lovegood Scarf, 6. Shirt block for Amisha -detail, 7. I'm on a mad cushion making spree!, 8. For my partner.., 9. Big Squares quilt ~ quilting~, 10. slippers, 11. Kerry's Afternoon Tea - Patchwork 318 Bee - October, 12. scrappy log cabin organizer, 13. Mother's Dream Cushion

I wish you all a wonderful exciting and creative New Year, may it bring you all you could ever wish for and more!

I'll be taking a short break for some much needed rest and family time {away from the computer - eek!} in order to start the New Year off rested and refreshed ...well that's the idea anyway ;-)

x Leila

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Blogger's Choice Contest

If Fat Quarter Shop gave me a shot at putting together one of their famous  Blogger's Choice fat quarter bundles this would be it.

Blogger's Choice

I can tell you it's taken me forever to narrow the choices down and come up with a selection that I absolutely LOVE {and must have!}.

For more details on how to enter the contest and have a shot at creating your very own Blogger's Choice bundle head on over to Quokka Quilts.

x Leila

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bee blocks November/January ~ Houses ~

It's been all about the house blocks for me lately. I am sure it is just one of those crushes that will pass eventually, but for now it is all about houses!

For Melinda's month in Cocorico we're making vintage Christmas blocks. I decided on a gingerbread house. Not quite finished yet, it needs to be a bit bigger, I will add a border of some sort to get it up to the right size. But I am letting it sit for a while as I could not decide exactly where to go next with this.

Vintage Christmas for Melinda - Cocorico January

Meanwhile in Patchwork 318 the bee, three amazing ladies made the most beautiful blocks for my "Home sweet home" month. Seriously my heart skipped a beat each time one of these blocks appeared!

First up is Kerry's block, full of vintage style as only she can. I love the Dutch people curtains and the lady in the doorway, it even has my house number on it!

Next is Ayumi, she made the sweetest ABC house block, she is so clever! And it is very appropriate as I am still in the midst of getting the little man back up to speed with school, the ABC song can often be heard here ;-)

House Bock for Leila ~318 Bee ~
Charise blows us all away with her interpretation of a Marken house filled with buttons, pincushions and sewing goodies!

Marken House for Leila
I am sooooo thrilled with each one of these blocks, they are full of wonderful personal touches that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside - thank you so much ladies!!

In other news, I got invited to the mother of all bee's and I am both thrilled and petrified!!
We don't start the next round till March so I have time to prepare myself for the bee with a name like a rockstar.. ;-)

x Leila

Sunday, 18 December 2011

if you're on my Christmas list, best not read this!

How is your Christmas sewing coming along?

I really thought I was not going to make it in time! I was starting to get a little short and snappy bitchy over the last week, frantically glancing over an enormous 'to do' list feeling overwhelmed and inadequate.
So I decided a self intervention was in order and I bought some gifts - yup clutch your pearls ladies, I didn't shop on Etsy either but hit the department stores -gasp!
Rest assured though, there also will be plenty of handmade under the tree this year ;-)

I am torn between wanting to show off what I have made and knowing my lovelies do occasionally glance over my blog. So I am opting for tiny sneak peeks as not to spoil too much of the surprise.

Last warning, if you are on my list this Christmas click away now!

There will be a few of these,


and this

 another one done,

and a few of these

Come April next year, remind me to start on my Christmas present early, will you? ;-)
So, how are you coping with the busiest season of the year?

x Leila

Saturday, 17 December 2011

We have a Winner!!

Well that was fun!
Thank you all so much for making me laugh with your embarrassing stories and funny little quirks. Also, a big warm welcome to my new favourite people, I hope you will enjoy it here!

Ok let's get on with it, shall we.
True Random Number Generator in it's infinite wisdom declared the winner to be:
Which is Sarah who said:

Yay Sarah, congratulations!!
Your package will be in the post soon.

x Leila

Monday, 12 December 2011

Give Away Day!

I don't know what it is about Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day but it always makes me feel like Christmas morning, how about you?

I know you are all busy and have lots of blogs to visit so I'll try and keep this one short and sweet.

Up for grabs today is this cushion cover. I myself think it looks rather christmassy with the red, white and green but since no actual Christmas themed fabrics were used this cushion would look great all year round.

The give away is open to anyone, anywhere I will ship international.
No hoops, you do not have to follow my blog, twitter or heart my shop. Of course I love it if you do all these things, but none of that is required to be eligible to win.

To Enter:
  1. Leave a comment on this post. Tell me something interesting about yourself; a funny or embarrassing story, childhood memory, quirky habit, random fact etc.
  2. I love my readers! So if you follow my blog just leave a separate comment to say you do for a bonus entry.
That's it, two comments maximum per person please!
If you have forgotten something and would like to add a new comment, please delete your old comment and place a new one. This keeps the final count fair for everyone.

Please make sure I can get a hold of you through email. If your email is not disclosed in your profile include it in your comment. If you win and I can not get a hold of you I will have to draw another winner.

I will not answer any comments on the give away post, but rest assured I do read each and every one of them!
The give away closes Friday 16th of December at midnight CET.  I will draw the winner with random number generator and announce them here sometime the 17th.

Good luck!!

x Leila

Saturday, 10 December 2011

It's that time of year..

..when everything I sew is either a present, surprise or something that can not yet be blogged about!

I have something I can show today though.
In anticipation of going to the London Fat Quarterly Retreat I have made myself a little needle book.
I used Amy's - Nanacompany - wonderful tutorial and pieced my initial on the back with a pattern from Patchwork 318 by Kumiko Fujita.
Needle book

The little man has missed a lot of school, so I am doing my bit at home, in an attempt to get him back up to speed. We have lots of assignments that need to be made. But so far he is less than impressed by my teaching skills ha ha!

needlebook inside
I can tell you it has given me a whole new respect for those of you that home school - it isn't easy!!

needle book - back
I'm off to whip up a few more home made Christmas presents. Don't forget to check back Monday as it is Sew Mama Sew Give Away Day!

x Leila

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fresh Sewing Day November

It is the first of December and that means it's Fresh Sewing Day!
November was an extremely productive month for me, so much so I feel almost embarrassed is that weird?
So just to remind you all I have been stuck inside for the entire month with nothing else to keep me sane all right? Next month will be different I promise!

There were scrappy organizers

My creation

Clutches and camera wristlets

My creation

Phone cases

My creation

and some more ...

My creation

pfiew! No wonder I'm tired ;-) I am happy to say that a lot of this is gone already, thank you all for making my first Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale a huge succes!

I'm about ready for a nap now how about you?

Don't forget to head on over to Lynne's to see what everyone else has been up to.

Fresh Sewing Day
x Leila