Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What I'm Making ~ Random ~

A little sneaky peek...something I'm working on that would be a bit premature to reveal just yet.
 Ooooh the intrigue!

W.I.P Wednesday ~ little peek~

Sewing more of these fun little wallets for the shop. In an attempt to start stocking up for the supposed Christmas rush Etsy Success is warning us about {already?! I kow, I felt the pressure of my newsletter lol!}

Hand quilting some more flowers.


And just so you know I didn't actually do all of this today! I wouldn't lead you on to think I was perfect or anything ;-)


Have a happy Wednesday!

x Leila

Monday, 29 August 2011

Paying it Forward

I survived this weekend's birthday celebrations, the rain, the thunder and the kids!! Thank you all so much for your kind birthday wishes, my boy had a blast.

I even managed to cram some sewing in and made three little gifts for my friends who in turn will pay it forward.

First up is Julianna, she told me she would like a potholder. I'd been wanting to try this potholder from Suzuko Koseki's latest book Natural Patchwork, so I decided to make one for her.

Pay It Forward for Julianna
This type of binding was new to me, you just wrap scraps of fabric around the edges and sew them on.  I really enjoyed experimenting with this as it was trickier than I thought at first and you get a less 'clean' result than with normal binding. I so enjoy this type of messy patchwork, it's very liberating!
I imagine that with use this potholder may get some lovely stains for Julianna to patch up again and again. I can only dream of the kinds of wonderfulness in design that may bring!

Shannon said she loves zippered pouches, her favourites showed a love of blue and orange ..oh so tricky for me!!
So I settled on this little zippered coin purse in lovely Ruby Star Rising and Kokka prints.


It's perhaps a little more muted than what I've seen in your faves Shannon, but I hope this still fits the bill!

Suzanne said she would like anything so I thought she might enjoy a set of patchwork coasters. The inspiration for these also came from Suzuko Koseki's book.

SK coasters

As with the potholder I hope these coasters will get stained and patched up by Suzanne over time. Even though this design is quite different from Julianna's potholder I still think the coasters would look just as lovely all patched up!

All three will be in the post tomorrow.
I'm so looking forward to see how these lovely ladies will be paying it forward!!

x Leila

Friday, 26 August 2011


Today you are six I can hardly believe it!
You've started at the 'big school' now and you're so proud of yourself and so am I.
You're really good at maths.
You don't like kisses.
You ride your bike to school every morning and you hardly ever fall or complain about it.
You're bright, and smart and funny and gorgeous and I love you more than rock & roll!

Happy birthday little monster of mine!

x Mum

Thursday, 25 August 2011

241 tote #2

I had so much fun sewing my 241 tote I couldn't resist making another one! I really enjoy rummaging through my stash looking for the perfect combination of fabrics for this bag.

241 Tote #2

I chose one of my favourite fabrics for the front panel, it's a vintage kitchen print by Yuwa. It's slightly heavier than normal cotton because it's textured. Perfect for bags and pouches. The stripes and pockets are normal home dec weight.

Like I did with my first bag it closes with a magnetic snap and I added a key chain and hand stamped label as well.
Since some of you asked, I purchased my stamp on Etsy here .Kerry recommended Tommie a while back and I fully agree she's lovely and makes wonderful handcarved stamps!

241 tote #2

Since it would be pure greed to want to keep this 241 tote for myself as well, I decided to list it in my shop. But not before I have one last pose ;-)
It even matches my outfit!!

x Leila

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Work In Progress ~ Wednesday~

I've finally made a decision what to do with my Anna Maria Horner stash.
A quilt for my bed, that's what I settled on a while back but the design.. I couldn't make my mind up about that. First I started ambitiously with some English paper piecing. I love this design, but I feared I would never ever get a full sized quilt finished this way!

AMH paperpieced circles w.i.p

Then I though I'd let my fellow Fresh Modern Bee2 members come up with some amazing blocks, and they did!
But all the while I wasn't sure which way to go with this quilt. Until finally I made up my mind and went for squares...genius right?! No, not really but I love simple patchwork squares and these fabrics are so pretty to look at why cut them up even more? I made big blocks 9" square with a few pieced ones scattered in to add a little interest and to use up some of the scraps I had left.

It's a big quilt 72" x 81" and will cover my bed up nicely. Basting wasn't fun, but I'm using this wonderfully soft silk batting and a voile backing. It's going to be such luxury to sleep under this!
I'm now figuring out how to quilt it. Because the design is so simple I want to make the quilting a bit more interesting so I'm experimenting with a flower design and perle cottons. I'll let you know how that goes!

AMH quilt 2

x Leila

P.S. I've put some lovely Anna Maria Horner scrap bags in my shop they'd be perfect for some scrappy pillows or even some English paper piecing!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

241 Tote

I made a bag for me! I love my bees and swaps but sometimes it's so nice to sew something I get to keep.
Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and drafting my own pattern I chose this wonderful pattern by Anna from Noodlehead fame. I really like the shape of the 241 tote especially the version with the exterior pockets so that's the one I decided to go for.

241 Tote

The front panel is a Nani Iro print, the pockets are something Japanese that I can't remember the name of and some Essex linen for the side panels. All slightly heavier weight fabrics than normal quilting weight cottons, I like my bags to be a bit sturdier.

241 tote interior

I found this lovely linen look home dec weight fabric at Ikea that I used for the lining, this heavier weight lining helps to hold the shape of the bag without having to use the dreaded interfacing - bonus!
I added a little lobster clasp for my keys, and a hand stamped label just to make it look a bit professional ;-)
Doesn't my purse look great in this bag?!

241 tote detail

I was hanging on to this old belt for a while knowing one day I'd find a good use for it, and it happened to go well with this bag. I love to recycle if I can!

This is definitely a pattern I will use again! You can buy one for yourself on Anna's lovely blog here.

x Leila

Saturday, 20 August 2011

August Bee Blocks

Today I want to share my most recent bee blocks with you.
First up is the block I made for Lauree in the Cocorico bee.

Cocorico September Bee block - Kitchen Couture

Her theme for the month is 'Kitchen Couture'. I drafted up this little pattern of a Japanese style teapot my mum used to have.  Hers was black, as most of these iron cast teapots are but I decided to make Lauree's teapot yellow just for fun!

Next up is my block for Patchwork 318 bee. Ayumi chose "Sweets' Shop" as her theme for the month.

318 Bee Block for Ayumi

I made a green tea and vanilla rose ice cream cone, topped with strawberry whipped cream and red chocolate bow. I managed to square this block up wrong at the very end! But thanks to all the wonderful people over on Flickr I'm now convinced this mistake isn't too bad after all :-)

I don't know about you but starting in a new bee always gets me a bit nervous!

Last up is Reene's block for Fresh Modern Bee 2. She asked us to make our signature block, and sent some wonderful Hope Valley fabric paired  with a bit of solid. I asked her if I could add some bits from my stash to make this + & x block.

FMB2 August Block for Nellie's Niceties

Not sure if it fits the bill as my signature block but I so enjoyed making my + & x blocks quilt that I really wanted to make another one of these blocks!

x Leila

Friday, 19 August 2011

Small Sewing Projects ~ Fabric Baskets~

A few weeks back I did a little fabric swap with the lovely Amy from Nana Company Knowing she has the most wonderful stash of cute and pretty florals I asked her for some scrappy bits.
After admiring my pretties for a while I decided I needed to sew something I can look at and use daily. Behold the fabric basket!

Fabric Bucket

I used Ayumi's excellent tutorial to whip these up. You can find it on her blog  This one is now sitting lovely on my sewing table holding all my bits and bobs tidy and in one place.
I knew I needed to sew a bunch more of these to scatter through the house in places where the clutter most often appears.

Because you can never have enough storage...

So far I have only managed to sew one other for the living room but I will sew a couple more for the bathroom and bedrooms.
I'm thinking Christmas gifts already wouldn't these be fun to use as a little gift basket? Hmm.. am I the only one thinking of Christmas presents already?!

x Leila

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lets start with coin purses

I've been unable to take photo's for what seems like ages! It's difficult to decide what to show you first. Rather than bombarding you with a ton of photo's I'm going to do a few posts and try and get back up to speed ok?

First off I received the most gorgeous coin purse from the uber talented Kerry in the pretty little pouch swap.

Pretty {little} Pouch Swap Received!!

I definitely got the long end in this swap, I couldn't possibly love a purse more than I love this one!

Kerry also sent me this beautiful pincushion as part of the 'pay it forward' game. It's now my turn to pay it forward to three of you. So if you would like to play along leave me a comment on this post. I'll pick the first three to reply and send you a little something. All you have to do is in turn pay it forward by sending a little pretty handmade something to three of your readers within a year's time. Simple enough right?

I made a little framed coin purse myself as well. I think it turned out pretty decent for a first attempt. I first made a couple test patterns out of left over scraps before deciding on the final shape and size.

Small Patchwork Coin Purse

This one will be winding it's way to a friend....shhh it's a surprise!

It's good to be back! Thanks so much for sticking around :-) Don't forget to comment if you would like to take part in paying it forward.

x Leila

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hello my lovelies!
How have you all been? Good I hope :-)
I am back home and enjoying some quality time with  Mr. Pfaff. Pom poms are fun but I missed my fabrics way too much!
Sadly I am having some technical difficulties with my camera and uploading photo's. Until I get everything sorted I'll remain a bit quiet on the blog. But I'm sure I will have plenty of new things to show you once everything's back to normal again... I'm working on a big quilt and some other fun stuff so stay tuned!

x Leila

Monday, 1 August 2011

July {or it's all about Lynne..}

It's the first day of a fresh new month and that means Lynne @ Lily's Quilts is hosting another Fresh Sewing Day. If you have not seen Lynne's blog yet you're missing out- seriously! She's a bit of a quilting goddess you know, always coming up with great new designs wich she most generously shares with all of us and to top it all off she's hysterically funny!

Well I suppose you have all run off to her blog now but for those of you still's what I've been up to in July

1. Fluffy Pom, 2. Pom Pom's, 3. Pom Pomalong with me?, 4. For my partner.., 5. Pretty {little} Pouch Swap, 6. Pretty {little} Pouch Swap, 7. Rice Bowl Potholder., 8. Rice Bowl, 9. FMB 2 July block, 10. Teacher's gift Bunting., 11. #55 Linoleum, 12. #12 Broken Sugar Bowl

I'm still enjoying some time off making pom poms and the odd yo yo here and there but I'm starting to seriously miss my sewing machine! {addicted who me?!}

This month I'll be practicing some more paper piecing. I was lucky enough to be invited to join two new bees that I'm very excited about! I'll be blogging more about them once we get started some time in August/ September. But here's a little hint...

My very own Snow Scraper ;-)

Fresh Sewing Day
Now head on over to Lynne's to add your link and if you're new to blogging and would like to connect with other new bloggers and maybe get some more followers you should definitely link up to her Small Blogger's Meetup!

x Leila