Monday, 30 January 2012

meanwhile in cyberspace..

A little while back I started my own Flickr Group as a place for people to share what they make with my tutorials. I was worried that nobody would join, but much to my delight you have been posting some wonderful things there!
It is the best feeling to see your lovely creations made from one of my tutes :-) These are just a few of them, click on the photo's to see the originals.

scrappy organizer

pillow front
by Chloeandme

New Wallet for me
by Charise

In other news I have been busy wrapping my head around PDF pattern design. It is still slow going but there's progress - oh yes! There will be a pattern for scrappy leaf key fobs, which I hope to have available in the shop soon!

Leila's leaf keychain fobs
by Penny Sewtakeahike

Leila's Scrappy Organizer and Keyka Lou's Dumplings purse
by Erin @ Why Not Sew Quilts

by Pam Mue

I also have a few paper piecing designs in the making. One of those will be available for free on my blog as part of Sew Out Loud {quilters' wordplay} QAL. This quilt along is all about sewing and text and fabric. It will kick off February the 1st with a give away, sponsors guest judges.. the works! I do believe it is going to be an amazing QAL, so keep your eyes peeled ladies and join our group !

x Leila

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


My motivation to finish off those last few things in the sewing room has been low. I am as good as done but I would like to do and get a few more things. A trip to Ikea would be nice, I have dreams of a design wall, and a few shelves would not go unused either. But I'm lacking the proper tools (like a drill) and transportation to finish what I have started (there's only so much you can transport on a bicycle really) I have to face facts and accept I may never be able to get things exactly the way I would like them. Poor me right? ;)

But just at the right moment the postman came with some excellent motivation to stop feeling sorry for myself and finish up already!

Fabric treats

Who cares the room isn't perfect, I need to get sewing - now!!

x Leila

Friday, 20 January 2012

No sewing yet

I am still submerged in redecorating the sewing room. It is a lot more work than I bargained for, I just hope it will be worth it in the end! The room is starting to look better though, almost good I'd say. But far from ready for the big reveal.

And since a post without pictures will not do, I have made a little mosaic of pretty creative spaces - just click on the links below to see the original photo's.

My creation

1. Christmas decoration, 2. Untitled, 3. workarea, 4. PHEW!H
So tell me, what are you up to this weekend?

x Leila

Monday, 16 January 2012

Not a pretty picture

My frantic urge to muck out the sewing room this weekend has gotten a little out of control! Put up the yellow tape because this room is temporarily out of order.

It is by no means safe to let me do any type of D.I.Y but it has to be done. And since this is a one woman household I have to be the one to do it! Here goes nothing my friends, wish me luck and strength there's a hammer on the ironing board ;-)

See you on the other side of this!

x Leila

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

~ January ~

I finished my January bee blocks.
In Patchwork 318, this month is all about gardening. I decided on making a watering can block for Tamiko. It was pleasant to work with a bit of fresh green on these dark and gloomy days of January!

In the garden block for Tamiko
It does look a bit like spring don't you think?

Melinda's vintage/cute Christmas block was already nearly finished. It just needed a border and some stamping. I stamped parts of the lyrics to "white Christmas" the way they get stuck in my head whenever I hear the song.

Vintage Christmas for Melinda

Well that was officially the last of Christmas, the tree is gone, the decorations are back in their boxes tucked away for December and nearly all the chocolates are eaten.
Bring it on January, my least favourite of months. I will not let your short dreary days bring me down! Perhaps it's a good thing not all the chocolate is eaten yet ;-)

x Leila