Monday, 30 July 2012

I just got back from holiday and feel like I deserve another one just for managing to make my way back home! We did have a lovely time and I'm sure all the traveling woes will soon be forgotten, for now it's good to be back home :)

 Before I left I made this little hoop for a friend using this fab new Sew Ichigo pattern. I would love to make a few more of these to hang in my sewing room!

 But first there's the piles of laundry to sort through, suitcases to unpack before I can give my sewing machine some much needed attention.

I hope summer has been treating you well, I'm looking forward to catch up with you all!

x Leila


  1. so cute in a hoop, hope you had a lovely break!

  2. Welcome home, such a cute wee hoop :o)

  3. Nice to see you back! Cute hoop :-)

  4. Welcome back and such a cute hoop! =D

  5. This is so adoreable and I want to make some of these for my sewing room. I'm so lucky to now have my own room now!
    Welcome back.

  6. Such inspiration to have this in your sewing room

  7. This is a very good piece of work!
    Well done!


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