Friday, 24 August 2012

This week

This was our second week back at school, my little Mr. changed schools so it's been an exciting time for us, getting used to unfamiliar faces, finding out where everything is, making new friends. But we are starting to get used to the new routine and I am so proud of how well he is adjusting to the changes!
We have had some surprisingly hot days, soaking up some much needed sunshine, eating Italian ice cream after a long day of water sun and fun!

Meanwhile I have been making slow progress on my Hexy MF quilt

Hexy MF

Sewing the rows together is taking forever but I do like where this quilt is headed! I haven't decided on a background fabric yet, I think I might go for some lovely yard died Essex linen... But I'd love some suggestions if you have any!

Yesterday I received some very exciting mail from Liberty Lifestyle, my heart skipped a little happy beat unwrapping these beauties.

I can not bear to cut into my precious stack of Bloomsbury Gardens just yet, for now I am quite satisfied with folding and admiring. :)

Have a great weekend!

x Leila


  1. very pretty! i've been inpsired to make these hexies lately too :)
    happy weekend to you~~

  2. ooooh, that Bloomsbury has my heart. I love back to school time. So exciting. But, I love change!

  3. Oooh enjoy the Liberty snuggling!
    Love your hexies - glad school is going well xxx

  4. hexies are looking fab and I can't wait to get my hands on some Bloomsbury Gardens

  5. Your wee man sounds like a great lad! Love love love your hexymf... such awesome prints in it!

  6. Such a great set of hexies! I've been working with my liberty scraps today =D

  7. How did you get your Liberty fabrics? Are they available online now? I haven't seen anything yet?

  8. fold and admire a little for me too! ;) xo

  9. Gorgeous hexies!! The liberty is lush :)

  10. your HexyMF hexies are so gorgeous!! I am 16 flowers in (aiming to finish the quilt in my lifetime ... ) and am using lots of text fabrics too. I just love your choices, and that you are using different colours for the centres. Looking forward to seeing more pics as it grows. Cat.


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