Friday, 28 September 2012


Things have been a little slow around here lately. It's not for lack of productivity it's just that I can not quite show you what I've been working on yet.

There are new patterns in the makes and a QAL or two perhaps.. I hope it will be worth the wait, hang in there my friends :)

x Leila

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Quilting Along

I am sure you are all well aware of the super cute patterns Ayumi has been making as part of the Super Pink Penguin quilt along. Please have a look at her Flickr group here you are in for a treat there are so many cute blocks to see! I for one can never resist her sweet creations. Did you know Ayumi has a book coming out next year?! Woop!! 

So while I'm busy working on a few fun projects behind the scenes, I found time to sew up this chef block.
Super Penguin QAL

I love how he has this sort of French pastry chef look, very serious about his cake but he's still polite enough to say please ;)

And just in case you are curious about the 'fun stuff' I was referring to ... how does a QAL sound? Rachel and I have been plotting an scheming along with a few other very talented quilters and I'm so excited about where things are headed. This is not just another quilt along where we all join in to make the same pretty quilt, no there will be different designs for you to choose from plus there are quite a few things to learn along the way - sounds good right? We still need a bit more time to get everything ready but I will keep you posted!!

x Leila 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bee blocks

For August in Cocorico Kylie asked us to make blocks with the theme 'Best of British'. With so many wonderful British icons to choose from I am sure her quilt will be fantastic! I chose to make a fox block.

Cocorico August - Best of British for Kylie

I am always amazed just how many foxes roam an ordinary English street at night. Before I frequently visited the UK I had no idea there was such a thing as an urban fox. If someone had told me I would have never assumed they meant the actual animal ;)
But whenever I'm there I see foxes walking up and down the street every evening, they don't seem the least bit frightened of humans and quite comfortable living in town.

So that was my inspiration for this block. Of course there's also the matter of fox hunting and such...all very British but I can't imagine anyone would want to hunt this cutie!!
I used the Lil' Fox Pattern by Sonja Artisania

June was Tamiko's month in Ringo Pie, she chose Magnum PI as a theme for her month. It's a great theme, so original and funny but never having watched the show I struggled a bit.
As with most tv shows that revolve around the heroic male lead character there will be some helpless female supporting roles in need of rescuing. If they're scarcely clad so much the better -right ;)

Ringo Pie Magnum PI - June Tamiko

So I made this bikini block. I am not at all convinced it's really in keeping with the Magnum PI theme but it's bright and beachy so I hope it will fit in with the quilt somehow.

For the first time since summer started I am all caught up on my bee blocks, it feels great!

x Leila

Monday, 3 September 2012

Happy Feet

Autumn is coming, and for me that means cold floors! My home would really benefit from underfloor heating but since I rent the place that isn't going to happen. The next best thing of course is a cozy pair of slippers.

slippers 1

And even better still if they are made with pretty pretty fabrics! Some of you commented before that you could never wear these for fear of spoiling them but for me it's quite the opposite. I look for ways to incorporate my favourites in things I can use daily. I believe pretty things should be used often they are the simple pleasures in life. So what if they get a bit dirty patchwork only gets better when you patch it up again!

The pattern I used is by Suzuko Koseki from her latest book Colour Couture. They are a little different from the previous ones I made. But once again they fit me perfectly, I think Suzuko and I have the same shoe size ;) In case you would like to make yourself a pair my size is: European 37 - UK 4 - US 6 1/2 - Australia  5. I made the pattern without any alterations so if your feet are smaller or larger you will need to alter the pattern pieces accordingly.

slipper 3

The pattern and instructions are in Japanese but as usual with Japanese craft books\ patterns there are helpful diagrams that show you how to construct the slippers. The only thing I changed was to add bias binding, it was a little fiddly to sew but I like the dark brown contrast against the Liberty florals.
And it matches the dark brown linen soles with anti slip rubber patches.

Many thanks to Liberty Lifestyle for so generously gifting me some Bloomsbury Gardens to play with! This much anticipated fabric collection is starting to come into stores now, you can buy yours here

x Leila

Saturday, 1 September 2012


They're finished, so comfy and I am definitely making more of these for autumn!


If you would like to make your own pair there's a very helpful tutorial here it will take you through the steps of drafting your own pattern and how to construct the leggings.

I must admit I ended up not drafting my own pattern from scratch. I was struggling too much taking my measurements, especially from behind you really need a volunteer to help you with those! Since I needed to use an old pair of leggings to get the measurements right I decided it would be just as easy to trace them.

The fabric I used came from our once a week fabric market. It has a comfortable amount of stretch and I just love the print! 

If you have an over locker these come together super fast and easy, but even if you don't most knits don't fray so you don't necessarily need to bother yourself with finishing the inside seams.

After reading up on tips for sewing with knits - Made by Rae has some very helpful posts on knits here  I decided to used a twin needle to finish off the hems. It turned out really well, I love how professional it looks!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Leila x