Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bee blocks

For August in Cocorico Kylie asked us to make blocks with the theme 'Best of British'. With so many wonderful British icons to choose from I am sure her quilt will be fantastic! I chose to make a fox block.

Cocorico August - Best of British for Kylie

I am always amazed just how many foxes roam an ordinary English street at night. Before I frequently visited the UK I had no idea there was such a thing as an urban fox. If someone had told me I would have never assumed they meant the actual animal ;)
But whenever I'm there I see foxes walking up and down the street every evening, they don't seem the least bit frightened of humans and quite comfortable living in town.

So that was my inspiration for this block. Of course there's also the matter of fox hunting and such...all very British but I can't imagine anyone would want to hunt this cutie!!
I used the Lil' Fox Pattern by Sonja Artisania

June was Tamiko's month in Ringo Pie, she chose Magnum PI as a theme for her month. It's a great theme, so original and funny but never having watched the show I struggled a bit.
As with most tv shows that revolve around the heroic male lead character there will be some helpless female supporting roles in need of rescuing. If they're scarcely clad so much the better -right ;)

Ringo Pie Magnum PI - June Tamiko

So I made this bikini block. I am not at all convinced it's really in keeping with the Magnum PI theme but it's bright and beachy so I hope it will fit in with the quilt somehow.

For the first time since summer started I am all caught up on my bee blocks, it feels great!

x Leila


  1. love the fox - so cute! And the bikini is genius!

  2. Love your bee blocks Leila :-)

  3. Your fox is adorable and I think the bikini is a great block for the theme. Magnum PI, that's hysterical. I might have given 10 seconds' thought to trying to make a helicopter, then bailed out. I'm guessing there will be a bushy moustache block though!

  4. Cracking foxy block!
    Magnum PI.............yummy Tom Sellick lol
    Well guess it could be a large Magnum ice cream ( a UK ice cream on a stick) with a big mustache behind it lol

  5. Both of these blocks are great. The fox has such character and the bikini is perfect for Magnum PI.
    Teresa x

  6. Oh my goodness, those blocks are amazing!

  7. Great looking blocks there! Very interesting themes to go with there! =D

  8. Hee hee, love them both, especially the bikini :oD

  9. Love that fox. It is really striking!

  10. all of the magnum pi blocks have been so fun to see. love both of the blocks so much!


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