Monday, 26 November 2012

Improv quilt

How was your weekend?
Ours was very windy and cold, perfect weather to stay indoors and sew.
I decided to dig into my never ending pile of scraps and start sewing, the only plan being to make a dent into said scraps.

improv quilt

This was one of those quilts that just sort of happened. I started off thinking it might become a cushion. A few more rows pieced I thought 'well perhaps it could be a fun kitchen mat'. And in the end it became this pretty lap quilt, with lots of wonderful tactile texture.
I just love when that happens!

improv quilt detail

It's made with a mix of mostly solids, lots of linen texture and a few pops of colour. I've quilted it in organic straight lines that are unevenly spaced to keep with the improvisational nature of the quilt. I just love the way straight line quilting feels on a quilt! This baby is listed in the shop in the hopes of finding a new good home.

improv quilt back

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x Leila


  1. Lovely quilt, I love straight line quilting too.

  2. beautiful! love all that improv piecing, lots of textures, and the quilting is just fantastic!

  3. That is a lovely quilt, I really like the colours and fabrics you used.

  4. I like very much your improv quilt! The colors are amazing - you've got fabulous scraps:)

  5. Love the quilt, and the fabric you used for the back!

  6. Gorgeous! You have a very distinctive style - I think if I saw this quilt elsewhere I would know it was one you made.

  7. Lovely! You used so many solids that pulled it together quite well. What a great, funky vibe!

  8. This is one of the prettiest improv quilts I have seen. It is so soft and muted but so NOT boring. I love it!

  9. Love the colours and different fabric textures you've used in this quilt! It's pretty!!


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