Monday, 11 February 2013

a little house

Ooooh February how I dislike you! I'm fed up with the cold and the snow! I find myself longing for a sandy beach somewhere tropical and warm, dipping my toes in the sea.
Alas it's not the case and I've been busy with lots of things that I can't blog about because they're:
1. a surprise or 2. plain boring ( shortening curtains anyone? I didn't think so!)

I have managed to steal a little time away from it all to sew up this itty bitty house block. It's only 4", so cute!

itty bitty house block
And I made a couple more Schoenrock Cross blocks, I thought I had six so I was happy to find I had done 8 already!
SRC blocks progress copy

They're in random order now, I love playing with the arrangement of blocks as I go along.
The promised tutorial on how to sew the blocks with an inset corner square is postponed, I'm sorry if you've been waiting anxiously for it! I do intend to eventually add it to the QAL, just not making any promises as to when :P 

Stay warm my friends!

x Leila