Monday, 11 February 2013

a little house

Ooooh February how I dislike you! I'm fed up with the cold and the snow! I find myself longing for a sandy beach somewhere tropical and warm, dipping my toes in the sea.
Alas it's not the case and I've been busy with lots of things that I can't blog about because they're:
1. a surprise or 2. plain boring ( shortening curtains anyone? I didn't think so!)

I have managed to steal a little time away from it all to sew up this itty bitty house block. It's only 4", so cute!

itty bitty house block
And I made a couple more Schoenrock Cross blocks, I thought I had six so I was happy to find I had done 8 already!
SRC blocks progress copy

They're in random order now, I love playing with the arrangement of blocks as I go along.
The promised tutorial on how to sew the blocks with an inset corner square is postponed, I'm sorry if you've been waiting anxiously for it! I do intend to eventually add it to the QAL, just not making any promises as to when :P 

Stay warm my friends!

x Leila


  1. can I join you on the sandy beach, please? I am so tired of the grey!

  2. oohh love the cute little house and the blocks look fabulous!

  3. I love your house and blocks.
    See you at the imaginary beach xxx

  4. I still have not tried making my first block but I will soon when time permits. I really like this block

  5. Whar a cute little house and I love the colors and fabrics in your SC blocks.

  6. Cold and miserable here too but your colourful blocks cheered me. Thanks.

  7. Oh my goodness, girl - those are gorgeous! I especially like the yellow block. Wow!

  8. You know, you'll never sew something I don't love. Seriously. I like your style :) Such a cute little house!

  9. Love that sweet little house... And gorgeous cross blocks too..!

  10. Love the little house, it's cheered up my grey Feb day, oh and it's March tomorrow! Courage!


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