Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ringo Pie Guitar

For Melinda's month in Ringo Pie she asked us to make guitar themed blocks to make a quilt for her son who loves everything guitars. He sounds like a pretty cool dude doesn't he!

I on the other hand wasn't so cool, more than one attempt at sewing a guitar block fit for Melinda's little rock star ended up in the rubbish bin. I will not bore you with all that went wrong, lets just say the curves and I were not going to get along, I'll not even mention the endless seam ripping and how things got so distorted there was no resemblance of a guitar in sight.... no best not ;) 

Guitar block for Melinda

So after quickly disposing of all evidence that ever such a horrible block had existed, I made a fresh start using a wonderful Paper panache pattern. And I'm glad I did it is just the right guitar shape and better still no curves - what a relief!

I'm looking forward to see this quilt I think it will be something very special!

x Leila


  1. Excellent job, and love the fabric you chose

  2. That's one awesome block :) Nicely done.

  3. Your finished block looks fabulous.

  4. Oh my gosh. It came out great! Wow, these people are not joking about their pattern-making!

  5. fantastic! I agree, perfect fabrics!

  6. i love this guitar block! i'm sorry that the curves weren't behaving for you. i'll have to post a pic of the 4 blocks i've received and the quilt plan that i have floating around in my head. i think you'll be pleased with how this block fits in :)


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