Monday, 22 April 2013

Books and patchwork

My weekend was all about the books and patchwork.
I listened to the audio version of this amazingly brilliant book whilst sewing some more hexagon flowers for what one day will be a quilt- really it will! ;)
My weekend

I received Ayumi's book Patchwork Please in anticipation of the Zakka Sew Along.  Notice the sponsor goodies, I will be sharing these with you soon! I love Ayumi and everything she does so I knew I would love her book, and I do! Her projects are SO cute!  I started putting sticky notes on all the ones I want to make but soon had to stop as bookmarking each page seemed a bit silly.

patchwork please

 I left the comfort of my couch and audio book for a little while to sew this block from Patchwork 163. It is a tricky block with lots of Y seams. I must admit it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.

Patchwork 163

I've gone blind to the good parts and can only see the faults, those uneven edges with not enough seam allowance - ouch. Oh well, I'm not in love with my work but the block is definitely pretty and worth another attempt some day.

163 block

It will have to wait though I have one more chapter to finish listening to before I'm ready to leave my couch yet :)

x Leila

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Lately I haven't been very good at finishing anything I start.  I am keeping myself busy but have nothing to show for it in the end which leaves me with very little to blog about. It's one of those things I suppose, it happens to me now and then. I'm never quite sure if it's too many ideas or a lack of ideas that are inspired enough to actually stick.
My sewing room is filled with half sewn blocks, sketches and stacks of fabrics. Quilt blocks on piles waiting to be made into something, lots of projects in various states of 'unfinishedness'

For a while I sewed endless rows of scrap squares together just to go through the motions of creating something without actually making something (does that make any sense?!) It helps clear my head so fresh ideas will emerge.

As for finishes, I sewed two more Schoenrock Cross blocks which brings the total up to ten. Far from a quilt top yet but I still love them!

Schoenrock Cross

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!
Ours was cold with icy winds and even some snow, but there was some sunshine as well and an endless supply of chocolate eggs to see us through :)

x Leila