Monday, 10 June 2013

Datura #2

If I like something I usually can't stop at just one so I made another Datura top. This one was made with beautiful Liberty lawn a sweet gift from Kerry.

#widrn prepping a second Datura listening to Laura Marling's latest.So good!

The construction was as straight forward as can be, no alterations no mistakes my seam ripper was starting to feel sadly rejected ;)

Datura Liberty

I should have taken pictures of me wearing it of course but I was really not in the mood to be in any photos today so it's on the hanger instead.

Datura liberty back

I don't particularly enjoy sewing buttonholes and since there is no real need for them I sewed the buttons straight onto the placket. I really like the way the back of this top is designed, all too often patterns have a lot going on in the front with very little attention to the back.

More dressmaking has ensued I'm making the Theresa dress next. I'm excited about this one if my quick toile is anything to go by I think it will be a cute fun summer dress!

Oh, and the CD in the first photo is Laura Marling's latest album I've been listening to it non stop, I'm in love!  Have a listen if you like :)

x Leila


  1. funnily enough I have just finished sewing 2 Datura blouses and I also cheated by sewing the buttons on as decoration! Yours looks fabulous in Liberty lawn.

  2. I have that album on a lot at the moment, it is the best thing I have heard in age. Love Datura number 2 and the little engraved buttons. Theresa is a great dress pattern, looking forward to seeing yours!

  3. Cute blouse~love the button details :)

  4. very cute! the buttonholes were one of the reasons i wasn't into this pattern--I hate back buttons. but knowing that they aren't functionally necessary makes me reconsider...

  5. I love the Theresa too, and your little preview of it on Flickr already looks great!


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