Thursday, 29 August 2013

Victoria blazer

What can I say, I absolutely love everything about my latest make!
For a while I had been shopping for just the right casual blazer without any luck, so when I stumbled upon the Victoria blazer pattern from By hand London I thought I'd try to sew one myself.

victoria 1.1

I've always been a bit daunted by the prospect of sewing a blazer because it's one of the more advanced garments to sew. But the Victoria blazer is so cleverly designed that construction is surprisingly easy!
I love how well it fits where it matters around the shoulders and arms, the sleeves are perfection and I adore the cuffs. This is such an easy to wear jacket I can see many more versions in my future!

By Hand London Victoria Blazer

Pattern: Victoria Blazer from By Hand London
Fabric: Black suiting with small pin dots and black voile lining both bought local.
Size: 10 UK
Alterations: none

x Leila


  1. What a great jacket, absolutely perfect style for you

  2. It's a lovely jacket and really does suit you!

  3. It looks just perfect on you! Great job!

  4. it looks so casual and comfy! i've been wanting to sew a jacket for ages. i'll have to check out the pattern.

  5. oh I loooove this! and I've been shopping for a blazer for soooo long. I don't want one that's too formal looking. Plus the ones I do find seem like the fabric is quite cheap. blah. Just bought the pattern!

    1. This is exactly what I found when I was looking for jackets. Looking forward to see what you'll make Anna!

  6. It's fantastic! I so admire your dressmaking skills :)

  7. JUST bought a pattern for a jacket...drat... this one looks so lovely! and matched well with the jeans and the lovely tshirt too. Maybe I should make two...

  8. Well Done!! And YES, you do look FANTASTIC!!

  9. thank's for your information ^____^ and i like your post
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  10. It looks so great on you, Leila! If I could sew garment like you do, I would be making tons of clothes!


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