Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Blair Batwing

I am sure most of you have already stumbled upon Named patterns by now. The fresh clean designs are beautiful and modern - I love them! The patterns come in PDF format (I'm a fan) but unlike most indie PDF sewing patterns you will have to trace the pattern pieces yourself. I did not mind this so much as for the top you only need three pattern pieces and it was still quick and easy to go from printing the pattern to cutting the top. I also appreciate saving some paper and ink by not having to print out a ton of pages.

Blair Batwing Named

I opted for a slinky knit blend to make my Blair Batwing top because the colour and drape are lovely (not sure what sort of jersey it is exactly but it has considerable shine so I bet it contains some lycra?)  I knew it would slip and slide all over the place and would be a little frustrating to deal with but I didn't expect it would be near impossible to press the fabric properly - yikes! This made an otherwise simple and quick top to sew a little more challenging to deal with.

Blair Batwing Named

Lots and lots of pins and patience got me through in the end ;)
I think I mentioned this before but when working with slippery knits I like to cut on the carpet rather than on a table this helps with sliding somewhat and makes it easier to cut accurately.
If the garment keeps sliding off my ironing board I will pin it on and move the pins as I am pressing.
As for pressing fabrics that don't want to be pressed, I have little advice to offer. Use a pressing cloth, use the lowest setting on the iron, use your fingers, use lots of pins, keep fingers crossed and try your best not to ruin the fabric!

In the end I am glad I did not opt for a more stable jersey knit as I think the drape of this fabric really makes the oversized rather boxy shape of the Blair Batwing work for me. Plus it's super soft and comfy to wear which is always a good thing if you ask me!

x Leila